- Estimated Achievement Difficulty: 3/10
- Offline: 17 [880]
- Online: 3 [120]
- Approximate Amount of Time to 1000: 24-36 hours
- Missable Achievements: 0
- Do cheat codes disable achievements: No [no cheat codes]
- Glitched achievements: No
- Unobtainable achievements: No
- Extra equipment needed: Disney Infinity Xbox 360 Base, Extra Controller, Two Disney Infinity Figures

  • DLC: Marvel Battlegrounds Playset
    • Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
    • Approximate Amount of Time to 90: 3+ Hours
    • Offline: 5 [90]
    • Extra Equipment Needed: 4 Controllers
  • DLC: Finding Dory Playset
    • Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
    • Approximate Amount of Time to 90: 5+ Hours
    • Offline: 5 [90]


The third, and final, installment of the Disney Infinity series has arrived and it's brought a galaxy far, far away with it. The iconic cast of the Star Wars universe joins Marvel's superheroes and Disney's legends in this creative game that will have you playing for hours on end.

WARNING: Disney Infinity's servers will go offline in March 2017. Get all of the online related achievements before then!

Step 1: Learn the Game
Disney Infinity 3.0 is a more complicated game than it seems, so I'd suggest learning the ropes when you start the game. As you learn about the game and its various mechanics, you should net yourself a decent amount of achievements.

Step 2: Misc. Achievements
Once you finished the tutorial section of the game, it is time to start hunting for all of the game's other achievements. There is no order to get these achievements in, so feel free to do what you want first.

Step 3: The Feats
After you've gotten every other achievement in the game, you should focus on the feats. The feats are essentially an in-game achievement system, you should have gotten a decent amount just by doing the game's other achievements. There are over 200 feats to get, but luckily we just have to get 75 to get all of the achievements.

Marvel Battlegrounds Playset DLC

Marvel Battlegrounds is the first of Disney Infinity 3.0's DLCs. To get this DLC, you will need to purchase the Marvel Battlegrounds playset. You may be able to find just the playset piece by itself through a used vendor; however, you will still need at least one Marvel figure for this playset. The playset is a series of Powerstone/Super Smash Bros esque fights that will have you beating up Disney Infinity's entire cast of Marvel characters.

While there are no achievements pertaining to story mode, you must beat it to unlock the playset's other content. The story is pretty short, it shouldn't take you any longer than 30 minutes to beat. After that, you should make your way through the playset's challenges to try and unlock that achievement. You should unlock some of the other achievements along the way, if not then you can mop them up afterwards.

Marvel Battlegrounds is a fun, little playset but easily the most lacking of Disney Infinity 3.0's playsets.

Finding Dory Playset DLC

The Finding Dory playset is the final piece of Disney Infinity content! It takes place after the events of the film; in it Dory, Nemo and their friends return to the Marine Life Institute to rescue a group of fish who are in danger! Dory and Nemo must travel through the MLI to save everyone!

The first step is beating the story mode; while you play through the story, you will unlock a couple achievements. Once the story is over, you must replay it to save every fish in a level using skills that were previously unavailable. Now you should mop-up any achievements that you have left.

The Finding Dory playset is a fun and relaxing time; it is great to revisit the world of Nemo and Dory, plus the environment is very calm. The playset is a good, but bittersweet ending to the Disney Infinity series.

Disney Infinity 3.0 is a fun and easy 1000 that will take players to every corner of the game. There was never a dull moment playing Disney Infinity 3.0, so get out there and start hunting!

[XBA would like to thank Darth Grif55 for this Roadmap]

Disney Infinity 3.0 Achievement Guide

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There are 30 achievements with a total of 1180 points

  • Earn 5 Sidekicks

    Sidekicks are little allies that will assist you in various ways across the games. You should get a couple buddies as you do the tutorials. If you still need some, then you will be able to unlock some in the Interior by asking questions. You can also unlock sidekicks in the game's Playsets, if you have any of those.

  • Feed a Sidekick 50 times

    As sidekicks help you out, they will get hungry. To get food for your sidekicks, you must farm food (refer to "Fruitful Harvest"). Once you have food, you can feed your sidekicks in the Sidekick Menu; feed the same sidekick 50 times and the achievement will unlock.

  • Harvest 100 plants

    You are able to harvest plants in crops. The tutorials will show you how to harvest crops, as well as giving you a mini crop to test out. I would suggest either making your own crop in the Toy Box or downloading a Crop Toy Box; there are several Crops with a ton of plants ready to be harvested for download. If you download one of these toy boxes, you should get the achievement in just a few minutes.

  • Complete 5 Feats

    You should get this natural progress. But if you need help, refer below to "Diamond Feats."

  • Complete 25 Feats

    Refer below to "Diamond Feats" for more information.

  • Complete 50 Feats

    Refer below to "Diamond Feats" for more information.

  • Complete 75 Feats

    This should be the last achievement you unlock as it is the most time consuming. Feats are the in-game achievement system, much like achievements they are unlocked by doing various things in-game; you can view the list of feats in the pause menu.

    You should get a decent amount of the feats just by getting the rest of the achievements. But you'll still be left with a decent amount of feats left to do; a lot of the feats involving using the creativity/building mode are incredibly easy and you should do those first.

    If you are still missing feats, it should be noted that the Interior has its own set of feats that you can only see while in the Interior. Playsets also have their own set of feats that are only view able while in the Playset. Feats unlocked in both the InTerior and Playsets count towards the achievements.

    There also several figures/characters that have feats associated with them. If you are willing to buy these figures, you will get some easy feats.

  • Save a Toy Box

    This is an insanely easy achievement. All you have to do is start a new Toy Box and then immediately save the game. Yup, it's that easy; you don't even need to place any new items.

  • Play all Toy Box Adventures

    Once you finish each Toy Box host's tutorial missions, a portal/door will open up with several missions related to what that host taught you. For this achievement, you must play each of these missions; note that you do not have to beat these missions, you can just load them up and quit out. Some portals have more missions than other, so make sure you're scrolling all the way down to the bottom on the mission select screen.

  • Play a downloaded UGC in the theater (Xbox Live, Single Player Only)

    To get this achievement, you must go to the Theater in the hub world. Once inside the theater, go up to one of the posters that has a featured level and download/play the level. The achievement will pop as soon as you start the level.

  • Complete all Toy Box and INterior tutorials

    There are several characters in the hub world that will have Tutorial missions for you. These characters have highlighted colors shining down on them. The majority of the hosts are in a circle around the area you spawn in; however, Scrooge McDuck is down Main Street (towards the Disney World castle) and the Interior host (Cogsworth) will be inside a portal that leads to your Interior.

    Each character will have a couple missions for you to do that will teach you the basics of the game. Complete these short missions and the achievement will unlock.

  • Build a 20-room INterior

    The INterior is a little house that you can customize the insides of; you are able to add multiple rooms to it. For this achievement, you must add 20 connecting rooms to your INterior. I would suggest using a mix of 2-door and 3-door rooms, this way you will be able to connect more rooms in various directions. I would suggest making one of these rooms a Sidekick Discotech room for the "A Roomy Affair" achievement.

  • Reveal all the terrain in the Toy Box Hub

    When you begin the game, the Hub World will be all greyed out. As you travel through the hub, the areas will turn into various Disney related landscapes. Turn all of the grey areas into their normal states and the achievement will unlock.

  • Throw a party for your friends in one of the designated Sidekick Rooms

    In the INterior, purchase the Sidekick Discotech and connect it to an open door in the INterior. Now, spawn in a sidekick and throw into the Sidekick Discotech room; the sidekick should disappear for a bit before the room opens and a party is shown to be going on inside the room. Walk into the room and the achievement should unlock.

  • Participate in 10 Arcade Matches (Xbox Live, Single Player Only)


    In the hub world, enter Flynn's Arcade; now go over to an arcade machine and enter matchmaking. Once you've gotten into a game, complete the game and play nine more matches. The achievement should unlock at the beginning of the tenth match.

    Take note that there aren't a lot of people playing this game. I got this achievement by have two controllers on and playing during the day when kids are playing. You will rarely find matches at night! Alternatively, you can find a boosting partner and try to get into matches with him/her.

  • Defeat another player's Character (Xbox Live, Single Player Only)


    Simply "kill" another player's character. While you can do this in the game's online multiplayer, it's easiest done with a second controller.

  • Participate in an Arcade Match (Xbox Live, Single Player Only)


    Refer to "Arcade Ace" for more information. The achievement should unlock at the beginning of your first match.

  • Play a Toy Box with 2 players (Xbox Live, Single Player Only)

    You will need an extra controller and an extra figure for this achievement. Simply plug in the controller and figure, then the achievement should unlock once the other character has loaded into the game.

  • Purchase 100 toys from the Toy Store

    In Disney Infinity 3.0, there is an in-game "toy store" which you can use to buy various items to create your own levels with. To buy these items, you must collect blue sparks; these blue sparks are found by destroying objects and enemies within the game, they are very easy to come by.

    Now you must buy 100 items in the Toy Store for this achievement. The cheapest toys are found in the Horseplay Toys section, while there is not 100 items in this section it should give you a decent amount of progress towards the achievement. Now you must grind to have enough blue sparks to buy the rest of the items you need.

  • Earn 10 Toy Presents in the Toy Box Hub

    Toy Presents will spawn in the Hub World at random, you must search around the Hub to find them. This is easiest done with a flying character such as Iron Man; but it is doable with every character in the game.

DLC: Marvel Battlegrounds Play Set

There are 5 achievements with a total of 90 points

  • Earn 10,000 Experience Points in Marvel Battlegrounds

    This will be one of the last achievements you get in this DLC. I would suggest using the same character throughout the story mode and challenges; if you still don't have the achievement by the time you've completed both of those, you can grind it out in matches against the AI or your other controllers.

  • Knock 5 enemies out of the sky with thrown objects in Marvel Battlegrounds

    As the description says, you must hit 5 flying enemies by throwing objects at them. Characters that fly include Iron Man, Thor, Falcon, Hulkbuster Iron Man, Ultron, Nova, Vision, Green Goblin and Loki. It is also possible to hit Spider-Man and Venom out of the air as they're swinging, but they are harder to hit.

    You can do this legitimately or you can boost it with a second controller. The latter is the easier option.

  • Play any four-player Versus match in Marvel Battlegrounds

    Sadly, you will need 4 controllers for this achievement; but you will only need one Marvel figure. Once you have all 4 controllers logged in, they can all pick the same character. The achievement will unlock at the beginning of the match.

  • Use 3 Special Moves in One Match in Marvel Battlegrounds

    To do a Special Move you must collect the Purple Sparks that will spawn throughout the match. The easiest way to do three in one match is to modify the match's settings. I put on Infinite time, 150% health, 50% damage and 300% health boost.

    This is easiest done with extra controllers plugged in, but it is doable with the AI. You will just have to run around, dodging their attacks as you try to fill your meter.

  • Complete all Challenges in Marvel Battlegrounds

    There are 28 challenges to go through, all of the challenges will be unlocked after you complete the story. The challenges will have you fighting various different Marvel characters in a variety of scenarios. The challenges aren't particularly hard; I would go for any Power Discs that spawn on the map, as well as all health and special move sparks. The achievement will unlock upon completion of the final challenge.

DLC: Finding Dory Play Set

There are 5 achievements with a total of 90 points

  • Rescue every lost fish from the MLI

    Throughout every level there is a ton of fish that you must find and rescue. The majority of these fish are mandatory to find so you can progress through the game, but a couple are trickier to get. You will not be able to get every fish on one playthrough, so you must wait until you beat the game to get them; now that you've beat the game, you will have access to every ability and will be able to find all of the other fish.

    The "Sonar Submarine" item located in the in-game store, will help you find all of the missing fish. I would highly suggest buying it.

  • Have 250 shells in your collection at one time

    Shells are the in-game currency, as long as you don't spend any shells you should get this achievement early on. You will have almost half of the needed amount by the end of the first level.

  • Defeat the Anglerfish Toy

    This achievement is story related and you can't miss it. It will be unlocked near the end of the story.

  • Place 5 buildings in Morro Bay

    In the hub world, you will be able to place buildings around the reef. During the story, you will need to place some buildings to progress; while this won't be enough to unlock the achievement, you should be able to place buildings on your own accord once you're further into the story. You will need to go in the in-game store to buy some of these buildings.

  • Complete all Morro Bay challenges with at least a bronze rating

    After completing the story, there will be 5 timed challenges in the hub world. You must get at least a bronze in each challenge to unlock the achievement. The challenges are all incredibly lenient and easy, getting bronze in each one will be a breeze.

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