Special Delivery Achievement

  • Special Delivery



    Download a Toy Box to your device from "My Toy Boxes".

    This achievement requires that you Download a Toy Box to your device from "My Tox Boxes." Essentially this means that you must download a save you created from the cloud to your device.

    • IF YOU HAVE CONSOLE SAVE: From the Main Menu, select Toy Box Share and then My Toy Boxes. You will be able to select one of the console saves and download it for the achievement.
    • IF YOU ONLY HAVE WINDOWS 8 VERSION: You must first create a save by selecting The Toy Box and then New Toy Box from the Main Menu. When it loads, press then orange-ish upload button in the top left corner of the screen. Choose My Toy Boxes and then Upload to My Toy Box. Once that is highlighted, select Upload, then Yes, then name it and Accept it. This will upload it to the cloud and save your game locally. Now when back in your Toy Box list (screen right after above step), highlight the save you just made. Choose Delete and then Delete Local. Confirm it. This will remove only your local save, but the cloud save will still exist. When in the list again, highlight that save one final time and then choose Download and confirm it to pop the achievement.
  • I didn't see the "orang-ish upload button" when I started a new game on Win8. I deleted all my local saves after saving a game to the cloud, and tried to download the game through "Downloads"->"My Toyboxes", and there was even a cloud icon on the saved game, but once I started the game, the achievement didn't pop. Is this achievement glitched, or am I missing something?
  • I just figured it out... though I deleted it from my local saves, it was still saved locally under "My Toyboxes". The cloud icon that I mentioned previously, had a greed circle around it. This green circle means that it is both local and on the cloud. What you need to do is delete the game under "My Toyboxes". When you do this, the green circle will disappear, and your choice on the right side will change from "Play Now" to "Download". I don't know if I just didn't understand what the guide was saying, or if it was unclear for others... I had additional difficulty because every time I Alt+Tab'd to the browser, the Toy Box app would close and I had to start all over from scratch, so I was having difficulty remembering the steps that I needed to do.

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