Shipwreck Sleuth Achievement

  • Shipwreck Sleuth



    Earned 85,000 points in a single scene in Shipwreck Challenge.

    This achievement requires that you earn a score of 85,000 or more in Shipwreck Challenge. This mini game is a mess of items. You will see outlines on-screen of the items you need to collect (done by tapping them). The items you must find are somewhat randomized, but all items are always located in the same position. Score is awarded for being fast and also for not making any mistakes, which occurs when you tap anything on screen that is not an item you need to collect. There are too many items to list or demonstrate the locations of. Just play through the game a few times and learn the locations of most of the items. Once you are familiar, you should be able to fly through collecting all the items in a snap making no mistakes. Earn 85,000 points to pop this achievement.


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