10000HIT!! Achievement

  • 10000HIT!!



    10000HIT!!を達成した。(Xbox 360モードのみ)(秘密の実績)

    7x Bonus!
    Connected a 10,000 HIT combo.

    (XBOX 360 MODE)
    (POWER style: boost mode)

    Connect a 10,000 hit combo. This can be done easily on stage 2's mid-boss. Choose POWER style and get to the stage 2 mid-boss, dodge his first set of bullets, and then hyper shortly after that to cancel the bullets, but refrain from shooting the boss as he needs to survive. When he gets to the end of the track, he will shoot out balls of lasers. Simply sandwich yourself between 2 balls of lasers and point blank them with your laser () (whilst you are still in a hyper). You can get around 2,000-12,000 hits. If you get 7,000 or more hits carry on with the combo till the end boss and milk enemies for hits.
    As this getting 10,000 hits on the stage 2 mid-boss is unreliable you can practice in training mode by placing yourself at the stage 2 mid-boss and working out an efficient way to point-blank the laser balls. Once you get an efficient method work your way back to XBOX360 mode and repeat it there. You can do this anywhere else in the game but maintaining a combo is very hard in XBOX360 mode.


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