POWER Achievement




    POWER STYLEでクリアした。(Xbox 360モードのみ)(秘密の実績)

    POWER Style Victory
    Clear the game using Power Style.

    (XBOX360 MODE)

    To obtain these achievements you must complete the game with the respective ship style. The achievement description does not mention that you need to complete any second loop (open or hidden) with the style but you have to do that in order for the achievement to unlock. Once all conditions for he Open loop are met on the first loop you'll enter the open second loop where you can continue freely. Upon completing stage 5 for a second time you will unlock "KABOOM!!!!" and after kill the hidden boss and you'll obtain the respective style type achievement during the credits.

    Power style has no bomb stock and therefore is the hardest style to complete. I suggest learning enemy placements and bullet patterns which will make it much easier.
    Also remember you can obtain a 1-UP in Stage 3 and 1-UP's for achieving 1 Billion and 10 Billion points.

    Entering the OPEN loop is easier so aim for that.


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