10万HIT! Achievement

  • 10万HIT!



    10万HIT達成した。(Arrange Aモードのみ)

    100,000 Hits!
    Connect a 100,000 HIT combo. (Arrange A)

    Credit: deexor


    1. Collect 5 hypers.
    2. Use the 5-hyper in a good spot to shoot a large mass of bullets in hyper-normal with your shot (not laser) to raise the hit counter.
    3. After the hyper, collect as many hypers as possible; repeat in a good spot.

    This is possible on stages 3, 4 and 5 (first loop); probably any stage in the second loop, but harder.

    How to do it on stage 4 (easiest, in my opinion) - see video:

    1. Collect 5 hypers on stage 3
    2. Use the hyper when the first large enemy enters the screen
    3. This should get you a combo of around 70,000
    4. Collect more hyper items
    5. Hyper when you get to the part when you start descending into the cave.
    6. Do not get hit by spinning laser towers! death = sad times
    7. Keep hypering as needed / as possible; keep doing it at the boss if needed

    Probably easier when taking the secret / ura route, as it is a little longer.


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