]-[|/34<#! Achievement

  • ]-[|/34<#!



    ]-[|/34<#! を撃破した。(Novice・Xbox 360モードのみ)

    Destroy ]-[|/34<#!.

    (Can be done in NOVICE mode)
    *Continues NOT allowed*

    This achievement should be attempted on NOVICE mode. To fight Hibachi you must first enter the HIDDEN second loop; this is similar to the "Abominable Execution Weapon" but it is harder to achieve. To enter the HIDDEN second loop you must meet these requirements:

    Die once or less AND Bomb twice or less AND collect all 45 BEES

    As you have to collect all 45 BEES you must enter the hidden route on stage 1 and that way you can collect all 9 BEES on every level. I recommend using the TYPE-C ship and POWER STYLE that way you have a large spread of bullets and also have continuous hypers. Make sure you always have a HYPER before every boss or mid-boss.

    If you meet all of the requirements during the cut scene after completing stage 5 you will prompted to continue or stop. Select continue, you will be taken back to stage 1 and you will have to complete all of the stages again on a harder difficulty.

    Once you enter the HIDDEN second loop you can continue, die or bomb and you will automatically fight Hibachi. 


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