Thank You For Playing Achievement

  • Thank You For Playing



    全エリアのハイスコアの合計が5000万点を突破した。(Arrange Bモードのみ)

    Thank You For Playing
    Score more than 50 million points across all stages. (Arrange B)

    Simply get 50 million points across all stages. This sounds hard at first but is simply done by raising the global-density-rank of each stage. As global-density-rank increases so does the number of points given out when you kill the enemies. To gain points you can collect Expert items or kill enemies and you lose points when you die, the amount you lose is in proportion to the amount you have, so for example, if you had 100 points you will lose approximately 20 points upon dying but if you had 20 million points you'll lose approximately 200,000 points per death.

    My point scores for the stages and global-density-rank per stage for reference:

    • Stage 1: 4,137,101 (400)
    • Stage 2: 2,244,292 (145)
    • Stage 3: 23,345,392 (1130)
    • Stage 4: 4,085,312 (375) 
    • Stage 5: 17,554,537 (1734)
    • Total: 51,366,634

    Therefore I suggest using stage 3 for gaining the max amount of points and then following it up with stage 5, stage 2 is very short and doesn't provide you with much points unless you increase your global-density-rank a lot.


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