• [email protected][email protected]を撃破した。(Black Label モードのみ)(秘密の実績)

    Destroy [z3[)]-[|/34<#!

    [z3[)]-[|/34<#! (Zatsuza) is what could be called the "True" true last boss. To fight Zatsuza, you must meet many conditions. These conditions make this the hardest achievement in the game. To fight Zatsuza, you must meet the following conditions:

    • Select Strong style AND
    • During stage 1-5 use a maximum of 2 bombs AND
    • During stage 1-5 do not die at all AND
    • During stage 1-5 defeat all 5 stage bosses with a full RED gauge AND
    • Defeat Golden Disaster without dying
    Upon completing all conditions and defeating Golden Disaster, (you can  bomb as much as you want), you will fight  Zatsuza. Zatsuza takes the place of Hibachi and is harder. But fear not! Once you reach Zatsuza, you can die, bomb, and continue as much as you want. After you defeat Zatsuza, you will unlock your achievement.
    To obtain the Hibachi and Zatsuza achievements, you need to know many things such as:
    • What you are doing
    • When to hyper
    • How to tackle bosses
    • When to increase your RED gauge
    Failure to know the above things will most likely result in instant death. Sadly, the way to achieve these achievements is by practice. As you practice, you'll know how to effectively complete the stages with as little resistance as possible.

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