- Estimated Achievement Difficulty: 4/10
- Offline Achievements: 10 (175 )
- Online Achievements: 2 (25 )
- Approximate Time for 200 : 10 - 12 Hours
- Minimum Number of Playthroughs Needed for Completion: 1
- Number of Missable Achievements: 0
- Glitched Achievements: None
- Do Cheat Codes Disable Achievements: No Cheat Codes Available
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No

For the most part luck will be the deciding factor for most of these achievements. None can achievements can be missed, and they can be unlocked in any order.

Welcome to the Domino Master Road Map and Achievement Guide.

The following sites contain detailed information on how to play Domino's and the various gametypes:

- The basics of Dominoes (LINK).
- The All 5's gametype (LINK).
- The All 3's gametype (LINK).
- The Mexican Train gametype (LINK).
- The Bergen gametype (LINK).

There are no missable achievements or serious glitches in this game.

Step #1 - Doubles:
The "Doubles" achievement will likely be the last achievement you unlock and should be worked on throughout your time with the game. With every game you play, you should be attempting to finish the game with double tiles. More details can be found in the achievement description, but this achievement should be chipped away at whilst playing any gametype.

Step #2 - All 5's and AI Wins:

For this first set of achievements you should set the difficulty to Master and play All 5's on the settings suggested in the guide. After your first win, you will unlock "First Win". Win 9 more games like this, and you will unlocked "Beat the Masters".

At this point you should change the difficulty to Guru and win 40 games of All 5's. After your 50th win you will unlock "All 5's Winner" and "Guru Beater".

The following achievements should be unlocked:

- "First Win"
- "Beat the Masters"
- "Guru Beater"
- "All 5's Winner"

Step #3 - All 3's Wins:
For these achievements I recommend changing the options to try for the Guru achievement. You may well finish 30 games before you achieve "All 3's Guru". If you happen to achieve "All 3's Guru" before "All 3's Winner", simply change the settings to allow for faster games.

"All 3's Guru" is much easier to unlock when boosting online. If you choose to boost this online, I'd recommend only using the settings that allow for the fastest All 3's games when going for 30 wins.

If you’re looking for a boosting partner post here (LINK).

The following achievements should be unlocked:

- "All 3's Winner"
- "All 3's Guru"

Step #4 - Blocked Rounds:
For these achievements, choose Straight as your gametype. It seems winning a game in Straight is much easier for unlocking "Perfect Game", as well as getting a 5 round streak for "Mega Player".

These achievements will require luck, so don't get too stressed if it takes a while. I actually got both of them without trying for them. For "Super Blocker", follow the advice in the guide and do your best to block out the computer.

The following achievements should be unlocked:

- "Super Blocker"
- "Mega Player"
- "Perfect Game"

Step #5 - Online Achievements:
Before venturing online you should obtain 1 win on Mexican Train and Bergen against the computer. Once you have a win on all 5 of the gametypes in single player, find a boosting partner (or try your luck finding someone) and set out to win a game of each type on both player and ranked matches. After your first online win you'll unlock "Real Win", and after winning a game in all 5 gametypes in both player and ranked matches you will unlock "Domino Explorer".

If you’re looking for a boosting partner post here (LINK).

The following achievements should be unlocked:

- "Real Win"
- "Domino Explorer"

If you're still having trouble with certain achievement read more about the gametypes using the links above. Some of the achievements simply require you to get lucky, with these achievements all you can do is persist until you unlock them.

[x360a would like to thank le b3nz0r for this Road Map]

Domino Master Achievement Guide

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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Win a game in single player

    Pick the gametype you're most comfortable with and win one game of it in single player. Set the AI to Beginner.
  • Win 10 games against Master level AI(s)

    Win 10 games of any type with the difficulty set to Master. All 3's with a 100 score limit will make the games much shorter.
  • Win 40 games against Guru AI(s)

    Win 40 games of any type with the difficulty set to Guru. All 3's with a 100 score limit and a 9/9 domino set will make the games very short, and will help you on your way to the "All 3's Winner" achievement as well.
  • Win at least 1 round with at least 1 of each double placed last

    This means you must end a round with each of the double tiles available in the game. Specifically, 0-0 all the way up through 12-12. 0-0 through 6-6 are available in any gametype, any set of dominoes.
    To be able to play 7-7, 8-8, and 9-9, you must be using the 9/9 domino set under the rules menu, or play Mexican Train. In order to play 10-10, 11-11, and 12-12, you must be playing the Mexican Train gametype, as this is the only gametype that offers a 12/12 set of dominoes.

    Thanks to WheresUrH3ad for additional information on this achievement.
  • Win 30 blocked rounds

    To win a blocked round, the round must end with all tiles already drawn from the bone yard. If the opponent is unable to play a tile, and is also unable to draw, the round is considered a blocked round. I would consider trying All 5's, starting hand at 5, and 9/9 domino set. In effect this will make you much more likely to have to draw tiles, and with enough luck, this will work against the AI.
  • Win a game without drawing

    You must win a game, not just a round, without ever drawing a tile. This will have a lot more to do with luck than skill. All 5's with a 100 score limit may allow you a short enough game to increase your odds. You can try using a 9/9 set and attempt to run out of dominoes as fast as possible rather than try to score points.

    If you're lucky enough to use all 5 dominoes in a row and your opponent has had to draw a massive amount, you could potentially end the game in one round when the count comes in. In either case, this achievement will require a whole lot of luck, and a good amount of playing strategy to go with it.
  • Win 50 All 5’s games

    You must win 50 games of the All 5's gametype. Unsure as of yet whether this counts both Single Player and Multi-player.

    If you're unsure how to play, consult the links listed under the "All 3's Guru" achievement.
  • Win 30 All 3’s games


    You must win 30 games of the All 3's type.

    If you're unsure how to play, consult the links listed under the "All 3's Guru" achievement.

  • Win a multi-player game

    Win a multi-player game of any type.

    If you're looking for a boosting partner post here (LINK).
  • Win a game in all game modes at least once in both Single Player and Multiplayer modes

    To obtain this achievement you must win at least once in all 5 gametypes in Single Player and twice in all 5 gametypes in Multi-player. You must win each of the 5 gametypes once in Player match, and once each in Ranked matches. This takes 15 wins total.

    If you're looking for a boosting partner post here (LINK).

    Thanks to WheresUrH3ad for additional information on this achievement.

  • Win 5 rounds in a row

    To win a round, you must rid yourself of all your dominoes before your opponent does. Do this for 5 rounds in a row and the 25 points is yours.
  • Get 36 points 3 times (when playing All 3’s game with double 9 domino set)

    You do NOT have to do these in the same game. You must score 36 points in a game on 3 separate instances to obtain this achievement. To score 36 points, the open end of every domino on the board must add up to 36. For more instruction on this gametype, consult the links below.

    For this achievement play against one opponent, set the difficulty to Guru, and play to 300, to give yourself more opportunity for the point total to get high enough.

    Thanks to WheresUrH3ad for additional information on this achievement.

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