-Estimated achievement difficulty: 7/10
-Offline: 31/39 (845)
-Online: 8/39 (155)
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 25-40 Hours(Depends on Online)
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 playthrough
-Number of missable achievements: 1 (Long Way Down)
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: Yes
-Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes
-Glitchy achievements: None
-Unobtainable achievements: None
-Extra equipment needed?: None

Welcome to Prizefighter. The achievements in this game are somewhat difficult and can be time-consuming, unless you can find yourself a boosting partner. There are cheats available for this game, but be warned that they will disable achievements and you will have to dashboard from the game and reload it to remove the cheats affecting the achievements. There is only 1 missable achievement and that is Long Way Down, which is obtained for defeating all 41 fighters throughout your career and has to be done in a single playthrough of the career mode.

Step 1: Career on Amateur/Contender difficulty
First i would start by completing the career mode on either amateur or contender difficulty. If you are new to fighting or sports games, then you may want to start on amateur to learn how the game works, but if you have some experience with fighting or sports games, then you should start on contender. While playing through your first career mode, i would suggest that you stay conscious of the 1 missable achievement and be sure to fight and defeat every fighter, without skipping any. This missable achievement will be easier to do on the easier difficulties. After completing your first career, you will have unlocked at least, 427 with 'Long Way Down' or 385 without it.

Step 2: Career on Champion difficulty
After completing the career on an easier difficulty, you should have enough experience to attempt it again, but on champion difficulty this time around. Champion difficulty is somewhat more difficult than contender, but should still be manageable after gaining some experience in your first playthrough. You should concentrate on just getting through this career and not worry about any other achievements that you can obtain throughout career mode. After you have completed your career on champion difficulty, you will have earned yourself a well deserved 100.

Step 3: Single player clean-up
After you have completed all career related achievements you should proceed to earn any single player achievements you may have left over. A majority of these achievements can be earned while playing in 'Exhibition' or 'Training' mode, both of which are accessed from the main menu.

Step 4: Online
The community of this game is relatively empty and you will certainly struggle to find players to have fights with. With that in mind, it is highly recommended to find a boosting partner to fight with and take turns, letting each other win until you have 50 wins each, earning you 4 achievements worth 75. While you are going for your 50 wins, you should be conscious of the other online achievements, requiring you to win with certain fighters, win under certain conditions or play consecutive matches. There is 1 online achievement that will be very difficult to obtain, due to the fact that the community is so quiet. This will undoubtedly need to be boosted and will require 8 people to boost successfully.

A difficult game, with a very distinct lack of online community will make this a pain to unlock all of the achievements. I would suggest you try to enjoy your time on this game as your will, will be tested in your journey to 1000 but if you get there, you will have surely earned it.

[x360a would like to thank Scotty for this road map]

Don King Presents: Prizefighter Achievement Guide

Printable Guide
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There are 39 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Take it up top and land 1000 Jabs in any game mode.

    For punches to count as landed, they will need to hit the head or the body without touching your opponents gloves or arms.

    To jab you need to press . The jab has good range and is the easiest punch to land. It is also good practice to use your jab when initiating a combo of punches. It will not take long to reach 1000 when playing through career.

    This can be done in career, exhibition or online and on any difficulty
  • Take it up top and land 1000 Hooks in any game mode.

    For a left hand hook press and for a right hander press . The hook is quite powerful which can take a lot of your opponent's health down. The downside is it takes a little longer to land, which leaves you open to a counter. Additionally it quickly uses up your stamina so use in short bursts or it will be less effective. A good combo that can be successful is aiming for the body (use along with or ) with a left hook followed by a right hook to the body.

    This can be done in career, exhibition or online and on any difficulty
  • Take it up top and land 1000 Uppercuts in any game mode.

    To throw an uppercut you must press + together for a left hander or
    + which throws a right hand uppercut. The uppercut is the hardest to land as you have to get fairly close to your opponent. Therefore it will probably take a bit longer than the jab and hook achievements, however it should unlock towards the end of your first career.

    This can be done in career, exhibition or online and on any difficulty
  • Show me you can dance around the ring kid and move more than your opponent!

    Use the to move around the ring, tapping the twice in any direction will make you dash in short bursts. There is a good opportunity to get this acheivement, when doing the second classic match, Baer vs Louis, 1935 (see "The King of Queensbury"). If you are struggling to unlock this it can be done in exhibition with two controllers. Change the match settings, to one round and round length to one minute. You will unlock the achievement just by moving around the ring, as your opponent will not be moving at all.

    This can be done in career, exhibition and on any difficulty
  • KO an opponent in the first 60 seconds of round 1 in any game mode.

    It is easiest to do this whilst playing on amateur, however you can do this on any difficulty. Unleash a flurry of short combos, keeping your stamina up by dodging your opponent’s shots. Once his health is low hit him with two or three shot combo and you should have knocked out your opponent. If you’re struggling to do this it can be done with two controllers in exhibition match.

    This can be done in career, exhibition or online and on any difficulty
  • Rack up a ring mile.

    This must be done in career, you can check on your progress, in between fights by clicking on 'Your Bio'. Even if you don't like to move around a lot while boxing it still will not take too long. If your concerned that you will not do a mile use the to move around the ring while dodging punches. Double tapping the in any direction will make you dash and is handy to get out of trouble, especially when trapped on the ropes.

    Will unlock on any difficulty
  • Keep on throwing punches until your hands bleed!

    You have to throw 50,000 punches, these do not have to land. To count as a punch thrown, it has to be in close proximity of your opponent. Therefore you can't stand in the corner of the ring throwing punches at thin air. The thrown punches achievement is a cumulative total of all your careers, exhibitions and online fights. Unfortunately there no way to see your total, it will take three to four careers depending on how many punches you throw and on what difficulty your playing. You can keep track of your punches on your current career by looking at 'Your Bio'.

    This can be done in career, exhibition or online and on any difficulty
  • Achieve 50 Signature Punch KO's in single or multiplayer!

    To throw a signature punch, you must build up your adrenaline metre by landing punches. When the bottom metre goes from white to flashing yellow this means a signature punch is now available.

    When you want to throw a signature punch you will need to press along with any one of the punch buttons. Each combination will result in a different punch. It's best to experiment with which signature punches suit you’re playing styles, however + and + seem to be easier to land than the others.

    For a signature punch to count as a KO, you will need to throw one when your opponent’s health is extremely low. This will significantly reduce the chances of him getting back up. You may be struggling to completely KO your opponent with a signature punch, if so you do this with two controllers in an exhibition match.

    Can be unlocked in exhibition, career, online, any difficulty and is a cumulative total
  • KD an opponent without taking a single shot!

    This can be fairly tricky if attempting against the CPU, even if a jab sneaks through it will cause you some damage. You only need to knock down your opponent. I would suggest trying this on amateur, keeping your distance only moving in to unleash some quick combos. If all else fails you can use two controllers in an exhibition match or whilst boosting the online achievements.

    Will unlock in exhibition, career, online and any difficultly
  • Become the World Champ in Career Mode.

    After defeating Cunningham, you will only have one fighter to choose from next, the World Champion Terry Parkhurst. It will take 30-35 fights to get to this stage depending on if you skipped any of the boxers. Parkhurst is not any more of challenge than the fighters you have beaten previously, therefore use the same tactics you have been using.

    Will unlock on any difficulty
  • Earn your first career million.

    As you progress through your career you will face increasingly difficult boxers. This in turn increases the size of the purse (prize fund), that you will receive if you win. If you lose a fight and you need to have a rematch that purse will now be halved. If you lose you can always go to the dashboard and then restart the fight as if nothing happened.

    You can improve a purse size by increasing your media profile instead of training. Although you improve the money on offer, it has a detrimental effect to your training. Your stats will decrease and only one training exercise will be available for that fight. On a side note you don't need to do any media events as it has no significant bearing on your career. Without increasing your media profile it will take approximately 20-25 fights. Following your team up with Don King the purse sizes significantly increase to over $1 million and your final fight is for circa $20 million.

    This can be achieved on any difficulty, easier difficulties will not alter the amount of money on offer
  • Turn Pro in Career Mode.

    When you first start your career you will be given a short tutorial on the basics. Once you have completed it (you can quit out it will not have any effects) you will have your first fight. The fight consists of three rounds each lasting one minute and thirty seconds. You have to win the bout, which will more than like be by points as it's a short fight. If this is the case you just need to land more punches. Once you have won the fight the achievement will unlock.

    Will unlock on any difficulty
  • Join Don's Team during your career.

    Don King will take you onboard, following your victory over Jesus Silva during career mode. You get the opportunity to face Silva at around 25 bouts. It depends on how many boxers you skip. He is one of the hardest boxers that you would have faced up to this point. Although he isn't that difficult, if you try to stand toe to toe with him especially on the harder difficulties, he will knock you down fairly quickly.

    Will unlock on any difficulty
  • Defeat Nino Basilio.

    You will need to defeat Nino Basilio, he is one of the earlier boxers that you will fight. As your stats are fairly low at this point Nino can be a bit tricky. You need to watch out for his big powerful hooks. Try punching jabs and straights to wear him down, hooks to the body are a useful weapon as well. You can easily avoid a lot of his punches by leaning away, when you are against the ropes.

    Will unlock on any difficulty
  • KO Dave Saddler!

    Dave Saddler has bribed one of the judges, this fight is impossible to win by points. Subsequently you have to win by KO or TKO. Saddler isn't any harder than any of the other boxers you have faced up to this point, continue to use the skills and tactics you have learnt.

    Will unlock on any difficulty
  • KO Sven Zurilo!

    You have managed to injure one of your hands, it's too late to stop the fight so it goes ahead anyway. You have to bide your time in the first couple of rounds as you wait for the pain killers to kick in. Once they have you can start throwing punches like you normally would be able to. You have to KO or TKO Sven, watch out for his big hooks, which can cause some severe damage.

    Will unlock on any difficulty
  • KO Vassily Kablov!

    Vassily has put some sort of chemical on his gloves. When he starts to make contact with you, it has an adverse reaction. This makes your vision go all blurry for the first two rounds. Therefore try to avoid as much contact as possible in these rounds. If your vision goes all blurry you are still able to throw punches. Once the second round is over the vision problems go away and you are able to fight normally. You must KO or TKO Vassily to obtain the achievement.

    Will unlock on any difficulty
  • KO Milton Forrest!

    Milton has taken some narcotics, which make him unable to feel pain for the entire fight. You will slowly have to work at Milton, until his health is almost gone. Once you knock him down he will unlikely get back up. He is open to hooks to the body and uppercuts. Use your signature punches to deal major damage to is health. You must KO Milton to obtain the achievement.

    Will unlock on any difficulty
  • KO Nyack Quartey after a big night out!

    Unfortunately you have decided to go out for a party the night before your big fight. This significantly reduces your performance, you are only able to throw one or two punches at a time. Luckily Quartey isn't an exceptional boxer and will not really capitalise on your misfortune.

    It's best to only throw one or two jabs at a time, let your stamina build back up. Additionally you will slowly build up your adrenaline metre, which will give you some useful signature punches. It's key to make sure you land your signature punches to really take Quartey's health down, it will make life a lot easier. You must win by KO or TKO, a points win will not unlock the achievement.

    Will unlock on any difficulty
  • Create a Career Boxer.

    There are two options for creating a boxer. Either by using 'Fighter Factory' at the main menu, or by going straight into career. If you use the 'Fighter Factory' option, the achievement will not unlock until you choose to use that particular boxer in career mode. If you decide to go straight into career, as soon as you have finished your creation, the achievement will unlock. If you don't want to change any of the characters features or details, it will not cause a problem.

    Will unlock on any difficulty
  • Complete Career Mode!

    See "Platinum Puncher"

    Will unlock on any difficulty
  • Complete Career Mode on Champion difficulty.

    If you have completed the game on Contender you will not have too much trouble moving up to Champion. You will just need block and dodge more, while choosing your punches wisely or the counters can cause some damage.

    You will need to progress through career, defeating all but a few boxers put in front of you. Although I would advise not skipping any fights. The more fights you do the more training sessions will be made available to improve your stats. I would also avoid any media events, these decrease your boxing stats and don't serve any real purpose.

    Once you have become champion, you will have to defend your belt seven or eight times with the final defence against Bonami. He is quite tall, fast and can switch from orthodox to southpaw. You shouldn't have to alter your fighting style too much, just be careful of his punches as they can cause lots damage.

    Must be completed on Champion difficulty
  • Win 5 ranked fights.

    see "Xbox LIVE Legend"
  • Win 15 ranked fights.

    see "Xbox LIVE Legend"
  • Win 35 ranked fights.

    see "Xbox LIVE Legend"
  • Win 50 ranked fights.

    Before starting your Xbox Live crusade, please make sure you have started a career. If you don't your Xbox LIVE stats will not record. Subsequently when you turn off your console or go back to the dashboard, your wins towards the achievement will be reset.

    If you are finding that it's taking too long or you can't win many fights then boosting is an option. If you are going to boost and would like to find someone to do this with check here.

    As the wins have to be ranked you can't invite your buddy to your lobby. However you can weigh the search criteria in your favour. It is best to choose a different venue to the stock option, make sure you both have access to it. Change the round quantity to something high, should anyone else join the lobby it may put them off. It helps if you are both on private chat, therefore you know when to start your search. If another person joins the lobby, wait a few seconds if they don't leave re-host another lobby with different settings. Its key you change the settings, as the other player continues to host the original lobby. Once you are both in same lobby ready up and the match will begin. You don't have to fight, throw a couple of punches at each other then someone throws the towel in. Repeat the process another 99 times and you and your boosting buddy will get all the 'Ranked Win' achievements

    These don't not have to be in a streak. I would suggest doing these alternatively in case one of you loses connection or has a problem.
  • Beat every fighter in Career Mode.

    To obtain this achievement, you will need to defeat all 41 fighters in a single play through. In the latter stages of your career you don't have the option to bypass any fighters. However once you get into the second tier of boxers at the beginning you do have the option to skip a few boxers, so be cautious not to skip any. If you are playing on Champion difficulty I would suggest not skipping any of the fighters as the extra training is helpful.

    This must be done in career on any difficult, in one single play through.
  • Win a Ranked Tournament.

    This is quite a difficult achievement to obtain, as the tournament lobbies are fairly quiet. You require eight people for a tournament to start and it will begin at the quarter final stages. This means in total that you will have to win three matches in a row to win the tournament. If you are unable to unlock the achievement you can always boost, check here to see if anyone is hosting a tournament boosting session.

    If you would like boost then you will need to find seven other boosters. Arrange a suitable time for you all to meet, allowing plenty of time for you all to get the achievement.

    Before you start the tournament boosting session have one person assigned to hosting as it will make it less confusing. The host should select a venue that is different to the stock option and make sure you let everyone know. Once you have eight people in the lobby the fights start automatically after ten seconds. If someone joined who was not meant to quickly ask them to leave. If they don't you may have to fight them. Once the fight starts one person from every match needs to throw in the towel, repeat the process until the final round. The host will need to open up a further seven tournaments so everyone can get the achievement
  • Play ten back to back multiplayer games.

    You must play any of the online modes ten times consecutively, before playing offline, or going back to the dashboard. You don't have to win these matches. A good time to do this achievement is when you’re going for the online tournament or ranked wins achievements.

Secret achievements

  • You KO'd another boxer with a Signature Punch, way to go Kid!

    See "Hot Shots"
  • Damn kid, you been hitting the gym? Reached World Champion in all training games.

    You have to achieve World Champion rank in all training games. The harder the difficulty you’re play on, the harder the training exercises become. I would recommend playing on amateur as some of the exercises are quite difficult. If you’re playing on amateur, contender or champion you will require 50k, 100k and 100k respectively to achieve World Champion rank.

    This can be done in career or in ‘Training’ from the main menu. Unlocks on any difficulty
  • You Loser... Lost 3 fights in a row.

    Simply lose three fights consecutively. Change the difficulty to Champion and let the CPU KO you by not defending any punches, repeat two more times. If you are boosting the ranked wins achievements, you can just throw in the towel three times.

    This can be done in career, exhibition or online and on any difficulty
  • Now get back to Newbridge and get training again! Won online fights as both Enzo and Joe.

    You must win two online fights, one with Joe Calzaghe and the other with Enzo Maccarinelli. If you are wondering why these two fighters, both hail from the same town in Wales. You can find Joe in the middleweight class and Enzo in the cruiserweight division. If you are unable to win with either fighter, you can boost, refer to the "Xbox Live Legend" for boosting tips.
  • PERFECT! Scored World Champion on any training game.

    See 'Training Game Superstar'
  • A southpaw and an orthodox fighter are both knocked down in the same match.

    You will probably find that this achievement will unlock during the course of your career, as you will face several southpaw boxers. If your created boxer is a southpaw, you will not have any trouble getting the achievement. You will be knocked down several times during your career. However if you are having problems it can be done with two controllers during an exhibition match. Change the match settings to one round two minutes in length. Pick the first two boxers Nate Campbell and Joel Casamayor within feather-light.

    Will unlock on any difficulty
  • Did you write the Ring Craft Book? Knocked out an opponent without taking any damage.

    This must be done online, which makes this achievement extremely difficult. You have to KO your opponent without being hit. I suggest hosting a match with only one round, round duration one minute and thirty seconds and saved by the bell off. This way it gives your opponent less time to hit you. The downside you get less time to KO your opponent. If you can deliver a good blow near the end of the round, it will be hard for him to get up, he won’t be saved by the bell either.

    If you’re struggling to do this you can boost, refer to “Xbox Live Legend” for boosting tips.
  • Meow! Defeated an opponent using a southpaw boxer.

    A southpaw boxer is someone that is usually left handed and has a stance that is opposite to an orthodox boxer. All you have to do is beat your opponent either by KO, TKO or points. You can use a character that is already created such as Joel Casamayor in the Lightweight class, or you can create your own southpaw boxer.

    This can be unlocked in exhibition, career, online and any difficulty
  • That was one hell of a comeback! Knocked out an opponent who had nearly put your boxer down.

    You have to be knocked down a couple of times, with your health (light and dark bar) almost completely gone. At this point you need to deliver the fatal blow and KO your opponent. As you progress through career, especially on the harder difficulties, you will get plenty of opportunities to do this. However if you are unable to unlock the achievement it is possible to use two controllers in exhibition mode.

    This can be done in career or exhibition and on any difficulty.
  • You've rewritten the history book, kid! Completed all Classic Fights.

    As you play through your career, you will be taken down memory lane by your trainer. In turn you have to fight in one round classic matches each with their own objective. There are eight in total and when you pass each one you unlock an item, venue etc to use in the game. If you are unsuccessful, you can go to the dashboard so the game doesn’t save. You can also access them via 'Extras' on the main menu.

    To unlock all classic fights you must fight all 41 boxers, this does not have to be in a single play through.

    Can be completed on any difficulty

    Braddock vs Baer, 1935
    "Finish the Fight"
    You play as Braddock, whose stamina is very low. You just have to land more punches than Baer. A good tactic is to throw short combos of jabs and straights, as it doesn’t waste so much stamina.

    Baer vs Louis, 1935
    "Survive the Round"
    You only have to make it through the round. The key to this is moving around the ring a lot. Use the dash function, throw small combos, use your dodge and block effectively. If you KO Louis it is not a problem.

    Braddock vs Louis, 1937
    "Bring Him Down"
    Unfortunately your boxer has severely damaged his left hand, therefore he cannot throw any left hand punches. Move around the ring a lot and throw lots of straights, it doesn't take too long to wear Louis' health down.

    Louis vs Marciano, 1951
    "Survive the Round"
    See 'Baer vs Louis, 1935'

    Moore vs Marciano, 1955
    "A Boxer's Heart"
    You play as Moore, who has tasted the canvas a few times already. All you have to do is make it through the round, however it is not difficult nor is it a problem to KO Marciano

    Patterson vs Moore, 1956
    "Stick and Move"
    Your opponent is ahead on points, therefore you need to KO him within the three minute road. Take your time throwing jabs and straights working in a few combos.

    Norton vs Holmes, 1978
    "Make it count"
    This is similar to the previous classic bout. Your opponent is ahead on points and you need to get at KO. Use the same tactic as above and you shouldn't have any trouble.

    Eubank vs Benn, 1993
    "It's Now or Never"
    You play as Eubank and you need to KO Nigel Benn with a final round flurry. Take your time as you have three minutes, using the same tactic as the previous bouts if it helps you.

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