Kinect King Achievement

  • Kinect King



    Found and used each power-up in the game.


    There are 8 power-ups that help you advance through the levels. You pick up a power-up when you land on it or jump into it. A list of the power-ups and their first appearance's are listed below.
    Cave levels:
    Level 1: Springs (Allow you to jump higher)
    Level 2: The Wings (Angel Wings)
    Level 4: The Rocket Pack(Jet Pack)
    Level 5: Electromagnetic pulse (Bomb that destroys cannons)
    Level 6: Trampoline (Allows Doodler to double jump)
    Sky levels
    Level 1: Time freeze (Looks like a stopwatch with icicles on it)
    Level 4: Explosive bomb (Destroys close walls)
    Hive Levels
    Level 1: Magic boots (when you start this level they are on your right)
    Once you have used all of these power-ups you will get this achievement.
    (Special thanks to j00na5)

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