UFO abduction survivor Achievement in Doodle Jump

  • UFO abduction survivor



    Survive UFO abduction

    How to unlock UFO abduction survivor

    As of this writing, no one has really done this on WP7. A quick search of the internet reveals some who have claimed to have done this on iPhone, as their is a Game Center achievement for it on that platform.

    The claims for the Game Center achievement, is to shoot the UFO at the very instance right before being sucked in. So, the animation for getting begins while the shot is in mid-air. This would have to be done VERY quickly, as shots travel fast. Not confirmed

    Another theory involves turning your directional aiming to ON rather than Automatic, and (dependent on that theme's type of shot) shoot your shot upwards but slightly angled, hooking the shot above the UFO. As you get sucked in the beam the shot falls and saves you. Not confirmed

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  • 60G?! how the heck do you get this?
  • You have to fire just before you get caught in the beam and have the shot kill the UFO, I have tried but the timing needs to be perfect.
  • lol i remember getting owned by the ufo on my ipod.
  • it's not that difficult after playing a while.
  • I've managed to do this on my Iphone a few times shame I don't have the wp7 lol
  • This isn't hard at all
  • #6- It isn't eh? Care to explain why no one has it?
  • This is hard. I wish I could 200 this game
  • i've tried this loads. give up haha.
  • i reckon its glitched :/
  • im going to try 200 this game.. keep trying for this one with no luck yet :(
  • This Achievement is officially glitched and will be fixed in a future update.
  • I got the achicement!!!!!! xD
  • Yeah, it's fixed now
  • I still cant get it
  • Hard achievement.
  • I got this one on accident, lucky me :) You have to shoot while the beam is abducting you.
  • I gonna try for this one today!
  • Rememeber doing this on my iphone isnt really that had you can hear it comimg like 5 seconds before
  • lol wut? I have this on WP7, it's really not that hard

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