DOOMed Nightmare Achievement in Doom 3: BFG Edition

  • DOOMed Nightmare



    Complete the DOOM 3 single player campaign on Nightmare


    How to unlock DOOMed Nightmare

    This achievement requires you to complete the entire Doom 3 campaign on the Nightmare difficulty setting.

    In this mode, you will begin the game with the Soul Cube already in your weapon inventory in Mars City and you get to keep it throughout the game. You will also slowly lose 5 HP every few seconds until you reach 25 HP, in which it will stay until you gain more health.

    The best technique to keep using throughout Nightmare is to first of all, save constantly. Make sure you save before you turn every corner.

    Another helpful hint is to use the Soul Cube on harder enemies since it is a one hit kill on everything except bosses and then use smaller, easier enemies to charge it back up again.

    Ammo should not be a problem and make sure to use your weapons wisely. Use the Pistol or Fists for zombies, Shotgun or Machine Gun for Z-Secs, Chaingun and so on for larger enemies, etc. The Shotgun and Super Shotgun in this game is amazing at close range, and will usually one shot kill an Imp and similar enemies at point blank range. More often than not you can completely gib Zombies.

    Attacks from certain enemies can be avoided, for instance the Imp’s fireball. Once it is thrown, simply crouch and you will duck right under it.

    Focus your fire on the toughest enemies first. Perfect examples are the Arch-Vile later in the game. He won’t be a problem really, but for Nightmare you will definitely want to smoke him with the Soul Cube as soon as possible. Prioritize your enemy kills.

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  • Let's hope we can still save at any time and place, thus making this a hell of a lot easier. Haha, hell... see what I did there? Okay...
  • I'll be honest, i'm probably not going to get this because it's only 600g. With not one, but TWO achievements like this, i'll definitely get my moneys worth to something else. I was planning on buying this, until i saw the's what had me most interested :/ I own both doom 3 and RoE anyways, i don't need it.. O:) This would be a pain to 100%.
  • @2 People like you always make me laugh.
  • why so little, for all difficulties, these are long playthroughs too
  • @2 youre a DUMBASS. not getting because of the achievements? i guess you dont like sex because you cant get any G fot that too.
  • @5 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Oh God that's hilarious.
  • @2... it's technicly 1000g, because you're also meant to get doom and doom2. I remember reading that in another topic about this on here. I'll still get this even if I hated the list, providing I find it decently priced. :3
  • yep, I'm totally doomed especially with that cube keeps sucking off your life. shit.
  • @8 - It's not the Soul Cube which sucks your life away, it's the mode itself. The Cube replenishes your health and will be very necessary and vital to this mode.
  • Nightmare really isn't hard in this game. The only difficulty comes from the fact that you constantly lose health until you're down to 25. Considering when I beat the game on Hard I was almost always at 35 health, I never knew why Nightmare wasn't more difficult.
  • ....oh boy :P
  • its 600 gamerscore BECAUSE they give us doom 1 and doom 2.. they are both 200 GS.. therefore, with all 3 games, its 1000 GS total. So do not fret. the bfg edition is ALL 3 games plus RoE and the lost levels. get achievements in all and you get your precious 1000/1000
  • @2 If you were a TRUE Doom fan like the rest of us, you wouldn't be buying the game just for the achievements. Is it awesome to earn achievements in a game and have something to brag about? Yes. But keep in mind that this game is also badass. If you feel as though you shouldn't buy and play a GREAT game because it doesn't have achievements, then you need to rethink your whole outlook on gaming.
  • @5 Best comment in the world @1 According to wikipedia it's a checkpoint save system on the bfg edition :( Also, you can apparently use your flashlight and gun at the same time now
  • I don't care what the achievements look like...I can't wait for this...I wish it came out today.
  • @ 14 I understand that a checkpoint system is included, but can we actually rule out a "Manual save anywhere" option as well? I'm very excited about this despite owning Doom 1 and 2 on xbla. To me the old games are timeless classics that still hold up to this day. Also looking forward to getting acheivements in Doom 1 and 2, but hopefully they won't be the same exact cheeves in the XBLA versions???
  • @ 2 getting the achievements will still be fun for bragging rights. "ha ha i got DOOMed nightmare and you dont jdsfnbajfgbagb"
  • Got the game today, there are no achievements for Doom 1 and 2, but there are a few for RoE and The Lost Levels ! all up your still getting 1000g
  • Nope 600g. Check the list again 18. The RoE and Lost mission campaigns are already included in the 600g.
  • of course i am a collector AND achievement hunter and a pro gamer so this is a must get for me. but sadly its never going to happen im not good enough. i'm not doubting my skills it's just i have played doom and doom 2 on nightmare and thoes were hard enough. i can just imagine how doom 3 is gonna be and you know what. even though i know i'm never gonna get this achievement, I am going to find out just how tough it really is :)
  • Dude doom 3 on nightmare is not that bad... Just manual save, takes a bit longer but manual save is key and if you feel you can do a battle better, reload and do it. Not hard, just takes patience and determination and a little skill with the game.
  • I already bought Doom on Arcade before i got this.. feel like i got ripped.. ;)
  • Rough stuff..
  • :I
  • @16 There is manual saving. Should be pretty easy going as long as you keep saving over and over again.
  • Started this today, and it hasn't been as bad as I imagined. I'm saving after pretty much every enemy encounter, though, and skipping some fights/enemies when possible. I'm worried about the commandos later- seems like I can't duck the meleeing one right, and chaingun dudes always seem to get at least one shot in. Also, sick of hearing the game say 'come on, marine' every time your health drops. But hey, at least the enemies don't respawn.
  • gonna be hard
  • Nightmare isnt too bad, just keep your distance from everything! Lol, even a zombie can punch you out in one! As soon as i got the plasma rifle i was all go, best gun to use. It does get hard towards the end tho.. after hell
  • Im not going to try this. This game is so long. Better go my second playtrough on easy and search for collectibles.
  • What is the pre-requisite to unlock the Nightmare mode? Should I beat the game on Veteran Difficult, or just beat the game on any other difficulty will do?

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