DOOMed Collector Achievement in Doom 3: BFG Edition

  • DOOMed Collector



    Collect every PDA in DOOM 3


    How to unlock DOOMed Collector

    For this achievement, you must find and pick up all the PDAs scattered across the campaign in one playthrough. PDAs will mostly be lying on tables and on the floor and will have a red screen. Some however require you to kill a friendly so that they may drop it. Collectables in Doom 3 are fairly easy to miss, so make sure that you search the entire level thoroughly before progressing to new areas.

    Please visit THIS post for a spreadsheet of all collectables found in chronological order.

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  • Does this include the secret id Software PDA that's found when you find their logo in Hell and press it? Hmmm.
  • Oops, I meant Primary Excavation Site, before you get to the Cyberdemon (in the section before)
  • Oh no! Yet another game with collect every whatever achievement, very tedious.
  • @1 it does indeed
  • Has this glitched for anyone else or just me? I have collected all the PDA's in DOOM 3 Campaign (not played RoE or Lost Missions yet), and this is including the id PDA in Primary Excavation Site. I have followed a DOOM 3 official guide as playing to make sure I didn't miss any I knew about and I've triple checked the list. Not missing a single one yet it isn't popping up. I've scoured the net to see if anyone has problems with this yet it seems so far its just me :( Any help would be appreciated!
  • ^^^^ In connection with my above post. Apparently there are 64 PDA's in DOOM 3 BFG Campaign, rather than 63 like the older versions. So I am missing one that was NOT included in the DOOM guidebook, when I find out the complete list, I shall post it here...
  • I got 70 PDA Files inc my personal one. How many did I miss?
  • you got more than me.
  • Awesome, thanks guys for the guide.
  • It's stupid that you have to kill some NPCs to get their PDAs. I missed 7 on my first playthrough, 4 of which need you to kill people.
  • Link for youtube: ALL PDA's,Videodiscs & lockers both for Doom 3,RoE & the lost mission these videos show all PDA's,videodiscs & lockers in the order they appear,there are 20 different videos,1 for each chapter making it easy to find a certain chapter,they certainly helped me so much that I thought I would spread the word even though they aren't made by me...
  • How about a text guide for all the collectibles? I cant find a good BFG edition walkthrough anywhere!
  • I'm trying to access the xbox360achievements text guide for Doom 3 collectibles, but the website wants me to post 5 times to prove that I am not a robot. So I think it's only fair to post on the Doom 3 collectibles pages to start. So beep boop motherfuckers.
  • Tnx alot!!
  • I cant download the collectibles spreadsheet!

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