I Like to Watch Achievement in Doom 3: BFG Edition

  • I Like to Watch



    Find all video logs in DOOM 3


    How to unlock I Like to Watch

    Video logs can be collected and then played within your own PDA. Good thing about these is that there are not many. Video logs are a lot easier to find than you would think and you will pick up most of them by natural playing, however one requires you to watch a TV screen all the way through.

    Please visit THIS post for a spreadsheet of all collectables found in chronological order.

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  • I can't get this achievement, because the IPN news video won't show up in my PDA. I sat and watched the whole video, but it never unlocked.
  • So much to collect!!, funny thing is, you probably would have done it in the past for fun.. Now its almost feels like a chore just to get an achievement as most people play now just for them :I.
  • Could anyone help with this one? I'm having the same problem that SgtFuzzyGhost. I already tried to watch IPN News like 50 times and didnt get the video on my PDI :(
  • As it would turn out, the IPN news is not supposed to appear on your PDA. Just be sure to watch the full duration of it, and it will count towards the achievement.
  • Confirming what #5 said. If you watch the video through, you'll get the achievement.
  • It sucks that we have to watch the one through!!!
  • There is no way to skip the play and get the achievement?

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