That was Close! Achievement in Doom 3: BFG Edition

  • That was Close!



    Kill an enemy with 1 health remaining in DOOM 3, RoE, or Lost Mission

    How to unlock That was Close!

    The best way to do this would be to let a weaker enemy (such as a zombie or Z-Sec) get your health down until you reach 1 HP, then kill them before they can kill you. On Recruit, pistol Z-Secs only take 1 HP each shot at close range. You could even try hurting yourself with barrels or grenades to aid in the process.

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  • this one was extremly easy i was fighting a imp when i got it i was down to 1 health and he jumped at me and i blasted his face off with a shotgun no problem for me at all
  • @1 Thanks for the really helpful tip.
  • There are 2 easy ways to get this achievement:one is being the obvious one,by letting an enemy hit you untill you are at 1 hp(altough it's a bit risky if there is a swarm of monsters),the other one is by being patient untill you get the Soul Cube:charge it up,then search for a lonely enemy(prefferably an Imp),let him attack you untill you reach 1 health,then unleash the Soul Cube to instantly kill him AND regenrate all your health.
  • Got this randomly, during my veteran playthrough. I got surprised by a z-sec zombie in Alpha 4, but managed to take him out just in time.
  • I got this while also attempting the 2 imps with one shotgun blast achievement. If you can do some quick math in your head you can figure out how an imp will drop you down to 1 health before you kill it. I believe (on normal) a fireball was 7 or so damage and him clawing you was 5 damage. Just put 4-5 pistol rounds in him and let him drop you down to 1 hp before you blast him with your shotgun.
  • on vet imps do 16 dmg with the fire ball and 10 dmg with melee
  • Started up Lost Mission and got to where the first armor is (up the stairs through the first door). The guy who immediately climbs the rail does 2 damage melee and 3 damage fireball. I let him whittle my health down as I did some damage back with the handgun. Got to 1 health and killed him. Probably too much work, but not bad for just getting the game.
  • If you're attempting a nightmare playthrough, it'll be hard to miss this.
  • I dont know, how did i get this. But i did.

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