Goody Finder Achievement in Doom 3: BFG Edition

  • Goody Finder



    Open all storage lockers in DOOM 3


    How to unlock Goody Finder

    For this achievement, you must locate and open all storage lockers in the main game of Doom 3. Good thing about these is most of them you will encounter throughout the game without having to do much serious searching, which is pretty much just like the other collectable achievements.

    NOTICE: This achievement appears to be glitched in a good way, unlocking earlier than expected. Some have reported it unlocking in Delta Labs 3/4 instead of later on.

    It would be best to have up THIS thread with the storage locker codes while you are going through the game so that you do not have to search through your PDA to find the codes.

    Please visit THIS post for a spreadsheet of all collectables found in chronological order.

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  • if i'm right it should be the same codes as the regular version that came to the original xbox. blood hell that i didn't through out my old magazine with cheats in them.
  • HAHA! Knew it! Thankfully I posted all the codes to them in the forums.
  • This is based off of the original PC version, not the Xbox. There might be some codes missing from the Xbox version since they had to shorten it a little.
  • It looks like this one is glitched it popped for me before I unlocked all of the lockers.
  • @#4. Same thing happened to me. I missed a locker and was pissed off and thought ah forget it I'll just open the rest so I know where they're at. And look and behold, I get the Achievement. And there were like 1-2 lockers left after I got the Achievement. I'm wondering if some of them don't count like maybe the Alien Buddy ones.
  • Can confirm this achievement is glitched - this randomly popped for me as I was walking through Central Processing. I was nowhere near a storage locker!
  • I got mine on Delta 4 before Hell. Aren't there more lockers after you get back? I also missed the very first one because I figured I'd get it when I an back to Mars city after all hell breaks loose but it was opened already and the paltry pistol rounds were gone.
  • To 7: yeah, I forgot to open that one too, but it still ended up working. I think I missed one in Alpha 4, too, since I took the EPR instead of the bridge. I'm sure there was another one I unlocked after getting this, the one next to the already opened locker with door panel screen in it.
  • I got this after opening one in the Delta Complex, with a few left before I had all of them. I used 2 video guides, because both were missing 1 or 2 items: These aren't my videos, but they were helpful for all the collectables.
  • I know for certain that I missed at least two lockers but the achievement popped while going through central processing as well and just like Midtown I was nowhere near a storage locker, not complaining, its nice when a game is glitched in your favor.
  • I'm baaaaaack. And I'd really like to get into that spreadsheet now. 3 posts left until this site no longer considers me a robot.
  • @7 I also got mine in Delta 4, though I'm pretty sure I didn't miss any. No complaints here! Just figured I'd let people know it's still glitchy in a good way several years later.

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