Unarmed Badass Achievement in Doom 3: BFG Edition

  • Unarmed Badass



    Kill 20 enemies with the fists/melee hands in DOOM 3

    How to unlock Unarmed Badass

    This achievement is very easily do-able at the very beginning of the game and even throughout it to the end. Any time you see a zombie or two walking about, just let ‘em have it with your fists. No sense wasting ammo right? Just be careful and make sure you step back so they don’t slap you back. If you run into trouble getting your fists back out once you have two or more weapons, simply press .

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  • Robbaz reference?
  • Easy just kill all Zombies at beginning of game with fists.
  • Is anyone else having trouble unlocking this? I swear I've killed 20 so far but nothing, I shoot them twice then kill them with fists. Can I not weaken them with a gun first or is this achievement just glitched?
  • Ok I can definitely confirm it's not glitched I tried just melee & it worked. So do not use any other form of damage besides your fists you should get it.
  • indeed the best way to do this is the very begining of doom 3 make sure you put it on the easy difficulty for less trouble you have to use your fists the whole time its extremly easy more annoying then anything else specially when they gain up on you and they will do that alot well try to anyway. heres a few tips 1 stick and move: yes the old boxing routine stick and move that is how i did it i hit em with a left wasted a right then busted them with a left. 2 try to keep moveing and to take em on one at a time. this tip is extremly helpful when theres 3 of em or more. follow thoes tips and you should have no problem
  • and the most inportant tip of them all do NOT let them corner you whatever you do they will mini ambush you in the corner trust me i know that all too well they have done that to me many times before in several outher games and in the original x box version of this game so i know for a fact they will in the bfg edition
  • Easily done at the start, when you get into the game, bit harder as some enemies are tougher.
  • Used to be fun to play the older Dooms with nothing but fists lol time to bring it back

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