To Be or Not to Be Achievement in Doom 3: BFG Edition

  • To Be or Not to Be



    Kill the scientist trapped next to the Reactor Control Room in DOOM 3

    How to unlock To Be or Not to Be

    Eventually you will arrive in Alpha Labs section four of the Alpha Labs chain of levels. At one point in this level, you will go through a door and enter a room with a control panel overlooking some sort of chamber with orange walls. There will be a scientist trapped inside.

    Before you do anything however, make a manual save before you choose either of the following options. Now you will want to choose “Activate Chamber” from the screen’s menu instead of “Open Chamber.”

    Once you get the achievement, LOAD the file you just made. Proceed down to where he was because there are collectables that you will miss.

    Here is a video to show you the exact location (this video was made by runtstain100): 


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  • Don't you have to do this to progress? Oh well I always did it anyway lol.
  • You don't have to do this to progress. You are given a choice. "Activate Chamber" which in turn kills the scientist, unlocking the achievement, or "Open Chamber" which frees the scientist and eventually leads you to a secret room with two PDA's (which helps for "DOOMed Collector"). You can reload the level for both choices as this occurs almost at the beginning of the level. Alpha Labs Sector 4.
  • Wait, he opens up way to two PDAs? DAMN! I just straight up said "NOPE! Not today." No wonder I missed out on that one achievement. Now I gotta...ugh well it's a good thing I'm playing on Nightmare now then. But it was funny to see him get burnt though. I wish I had a gif of it.
  • @2 Can you not open the door to the PDAs if you kill him? It looked like it could be opened using a code.
  • Why is this an achievement?
  • You cant get all the PDA's if you choose to kill him, however, the trick is to save right before you kill him. Reload the save after you kill him for the achievement and move on normally.
  • I consider this achievement to be a psychopath test. And I failed.
  • But we should not be the hero who saves the civilians? I agree with some post: Why is this an achievement? :(
  • ...Because the guys @ id software are sick sick people. But that's what we love 'em for.

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