Double the Fun! Achievement in Doom 3: BFG Edition

  • Double the Fun!



    Kill 2 Imps with one shotgun blast in DOOM 3, RoE, or Lost Mission

    How to unlock Double the Fun!

    The best way to get this one done would be to find two Imps and then save your game. Then get their health down using a weaker gun such as the pistol. Once both are weakened, try and get them together at an angle that would allow your pellet spread to hit both. If you miss, simply load and try again. The Super Shotgun might be better for this as it has a wider pellet spread.

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  • Is There a decent place in the game to do this one?
  • yes, in the sector 4 of delta labs. When you should activate a panel with 2 choice, and you need a bridge to go ahead, every choice you take, if you go ahead, two Imps will appear. They are alone, and you haven't problems from other enemies. Sorry for my english, hope is helpful ^^
  • Are you sure thats in Delta labs? I might be wrong but are you referring the The part in Alpha labs where you either [2 Otion Panel] 'Extend the Bridge' or 'activate the EFR system'? If so I'll give it a try, gonna try Administration first though. (The part where the two Imps rip/brake through the door, about midway through the level.
  • sorry guy, u right, i mean Alpha labs ^^ I got the trophy in that part anyway ;) but i know that is more easy in resurrection of evil, cause u have super shotgun, more powerful than normal shotgun
  • Also in Delta Labs Sector 2A, at the very start of the level coming out of the elevator the first thing you fight is two imps by themselves. Just reload the autosave if you mess up
  • In the UAC Administration (2nd chapter), just after the first checkpoint 2 imps will open the pathway for you. I put 5 pistol rounds in each and then backed into the hallway and lined them up with my shottie.
  • a great place is in Alpha labs when you find that dude with the light. At the end of where you need to go theres a ladder just run up it before the guy gets there and two imps will spawn. You can just look down and dmg then a little and finish with a shotty blast. Dont forget to save first in case you fuck it up.
  • In Underground the third mission in Lost Mission near the beginning there are several imps that spawn near a long corridor that you can wear them down in and line them up to complete this achievement.
  • This took a lot of saving and loading to weaken them first and get them grouped together.

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