Ready for Action! Achievement in Doom 3: BFG Edition

  • Ready for Action!



    Get the BFG-9000 from Security Chief's office in DOOM 3

    How to unlock Ready for Action!

    At one point in the Delta Labs chain of levels, you will come to a section where you must use yellow boxes and a crane to reach a ventilation shaft on the wall above you to the right.

    Get up there, then go through the shaft and drop down. Turn around and then look in front of you to the left. You will see an office room with the BFG-9000 inside. Input the code 931 on the door panel and there you have it.

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  • Delta Labs Level 2A
  • The door is labeled Security Chief M. Abrams The code for the door is 931 I would recommend saving the ammo for the boss battle in Delta Labs Sector 4
  • help me im in delta labs level 1 and i have turned on the reactor on and the lift ti the next part is still not powerd up whas wrong

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