Not a Scratch Achievement in Doom 3: BFG Edition

  • Not a Scratch



    Complete a level without taking any damage in DOOM 3, RoE, or Lost Mission (except Mars City)

    How to unlock Not a Scratch

    The best level to accomplish this feat would be the very first level of RoE. None of the Mars City levels will count (Underground, etc.). Just make sure you save constantly and if you take a hit, simply reload and continue.

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  • First chance you can get this is on Administration. On that "level", there are 19 Imps, 3 Pinky's, 6 Zombies and 9 Z-Sector Guards. Might be the easiest level to get this on. Or maybe Alpha Labs Sector 2 - 1 Imp, 7 Maggots, 3 Pinky's, 24 Trites, 7 Zombies and 20 Z-Sector Guards. Delta Labs Sector 2A - 28 Imps, 3 Revenants and 46 Zombies. Delta Labs Sector 4 only has 2 Hellknights and 2 Zombies. Might be possible...
  • ^^ Doom 3. Not sure about RoE or Lost Mission.
  • First level of RoE is the easiest in my opinion.Just Forgotten Ones(flying skulls)and a few imps is all you will face.Just save after every kill and watch out for dive-bombers and you will be fine.
  • Delta 4 is the easiest, at this point in the game you should have more ammo then you know what to do with. Kill the two chainsaw zombies however you want and then use the BFG to kill the Hell Knights.
  • This achievement has to be bugged, because I just made it through Alpha Labs 2 without taking a scratch (every time I was hit, I just reloaded a save), but it gets to the next level, no achievement. I'm not even going to bother trying to 100% this collection; too many BS tasks.
  • I'm wondering- can you get this on nightmare while your health drains away? Anyway, I did this on Mars City Underground, not realizing that it wouldn't count. I got it for real in the Communications Transfer level. Also done in Delta 4- you can take the chainsaw zombies down like nothing, and BFG the hellknights. The Enpro level also could work since there are no gun users, and I know that's what I had the most trouble with.
  • Can confirm Delta Labs lvl 4 works. Just 2 chainsaw zombies and 2 hellknights. You loose all your weapons after the hellknights so go crazy with your BFG!!
  • Delta Labs 4 was probably the easiest, 4 enemies total. Chainsaw guys are melee-only, easy to kill with plasma gun. Save, equip the BFG and go in for the cutscene. After that, hold the trigger down to stack the BFG ammo to hit the hellknights with a 4-charge. Should get them both if you place it right. Note: hold the trigger down too long on the BFG and you blow up.
  • Got this in delta 4 also...extremely short level, killing the chainsaw zombies before they get to you is very easy and using the BFG on hellknights only takes a few seconds. Much quicker than doing this one on the first level of RoE or something like that.
  • Thank god, i tought there were just 3 levels, mars, hell, and then mars again
  • Not too hard, saving and reloading may take a while but persistence pays off.

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