Speed Run Achievement in Doom 3: BFG Edition

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    Complete the DOOM 3 single player campaign in 10 hours or less

    How to unlock Speed Run

    Finally! An amazing FPS game with a speed-run achievement! You’ll be surprised how easy this actually is, since the best speed-run in the world was done in less than two hours, which gives you eight whole hours of leeway.

    Below is a speed-run video from the Speed Demons Archive on Nightmare which should help you in getting a good time. 


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  • My first time through Doom 3 on Hard took me 8 hours. This shouldn't be a problem for anyone.
  • I hope you're right, I hate speedruns.
  • i took almost 11h. I was coleecting everything.
  • i wander how many hours i might take in Nightmare mode.
  • I just complete the game in less than 4h30 in Recruit. Just use your Chainsaw to cut everything in your path like butter. And use the soulcube (after youo get it to kill the knights from hell (the huges ones).
  • managed to finish nightmare in 11 hours, spent a great of time running away from those commando type zombies and taking potshots.
  • Beat the game with 9:59:30, but because the video at the end takes about 2 minutes I didn't get the achievement...
  • Loaded up a previous save from one of the caverns and ran through the level, problem solved ;) Video takes about 3 minutes or so, to be safe beat the game at 9:55 to ensure you get the achievement!!
  • That's Speed Demos Archive, not Demons.
  • Did this on Nightmare, while finding every PDA and video file. I even watched all the videos and looked through some of the PDAs. Don't sweat this one.

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