You Laugh, It Works Achievement in Doom 3: BFG Edition

  • You Laugh, It Works



    Find the bloody handiwork of Betruger (in Delta 4 Hallway) in DOOM 3

    How to unlock You Laugh, It Works

    Right at the beginning of the Delta Labs 4 level, go through the first bloody hall, take a left, go through the next two doors, and then in the far back right corner you will see a bloody skeleton and beside him these exact words will be written in blood. Shine your flashlight on them and this one will be yours.

    Thanks to Minahjjang for pointing this out.

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  • Shit. I lost.
  • i am on the part where you save or kill the scientist. 1st i saved him then i killed him i need to know har far to i get this achievement. get back to me. i know delta 4, but where is delta 4 at.
  • im haveing trouble with this one too im not understanding what to do
  • At the hallway where you can turn right to the portal and the HellKnights or left to a security office with a locker and a PDA go the the back end of the hall.A skeleton is sitting in the right corner.Knock him out of the way and move close.The words are written behind him.Should po when you get close,you might have to crouch.
  • In Delta 4 just look for bloody words on the wall, I got this without even trying. Not sure what all the words are but one is succumb.
  • This one is weird. Is the name supposed to be a reference to something?
  • I was right there and I missed it!!

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