Turncoat Achievement in Doom 3: BFG Edition

  • Turncoat



    Get 2 demons to fight each other in DOOM 3, RoE, or Lost Mission

    How to unlock Turncoat

    This is one gameplay mechanic of Doom that I have always loved. Monster infighting!

    The way that infighting works in Doom 3 however is when a lower ranking demon hits a higher ranking one. So for instance, you will need to get an Imp to hit a Cacodemon, in which leads the Cacodemon to destroy the Imp. The Imp most likely will not fight back.

    Thanks again to Minahjjang.

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  • This was always one of the coolest features in the original DOOMs imo.
  • Did they add this to specifically the BFG version? I don't seem to recall being able to do it back in '03.
  • i saw ppl do it on the pc but never on xbox.
  • It was in the original too and the Xbox version, it was just rare.
  • Yeah, I saw a wraith fighting an imp near the end of the game.
  • I got a Revenant to attack a Soldier he didn't stand a chance I just stood there and laughed lol
  • Decent place to do this is in communications, wraith and an imp at the start of the level, just take cover in the vents in the garage area :].
  • Helped a lot in DOOM 1 and 2 on UV imo
  • maybe I'm just stupid but I can't seem to pull this off. any suggestions.
  • Thank you #7 it may have taken a while but it worked nicely.
  • I got this one in Hell. I had a hellknight & imp attacking me, so I waited for the imp to pull its arm back to throw a fireball, then quickly moved so the hellknight was between us. I thought maybe the imp would 'cancel' its attack, but it didn't, and a fight ensued. The hellknight won, of course, but it didn't 1-hit kill the imp like I expected.
  • This kinda glitched for me, I was in Alpha Labs 1 and two imps went at it. After reading this it's got to be a glitch somehow lol.
  • I randomly got it as well in the Alpha Labs 1
  • To comment #4 True it was in the original and was very funny :) I remember some user levels where to finish the level you had to use this trick because the ammunition was limited XD.

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