Soulfood Achievement in Doom 3: BFG Edition

  • Soulfood



    Use the Soul Cube to defeat 20 enemies in DOOM 3

    How to unlock Soulfood

    The Soul Cube will be obtained for the first time after you defeat the Guardian boss in Hell. This weapon is amazing because it has infinite uses as long as it’s charged and it’s a beast to kill things with. It will pretty much one hit kill everything in its path and when thrown it will attack the strongest enemy in its range first. Defeating 20 enemies with it should be no problem.

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  • You get this after you kill the Guardian in Hell.
  • You have to kill several (5 or so) enemies before the soul cube charges up and you are able to use it. A nice kicker is that using this steals the health of who ever it hits!
  • Got this one by killing Sarge over and over. Make sure you have a charged soul cube and five rockets then save right before you fight Sarge. As soon as he says "Welcome..." hit him with the five rockets first THEN finish him off with the soul cube. After you have control of your guy again, load the previous save and repeat until you get the achievement.

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