Evil Collector Achievement in Doom 3: BFG Edition

  • Evil Collector



    Collect every PDA in the RoE campaign


    How to unlock Evil Collector

    Just like in DOOM 3, PDAs are scattered around the levels and you must locate all of them in this campaign. Search every room and crevice to make sure you have found them all.

    Please visit THIS post for a spreadsheet of all collectables found in chronological order.

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  • To help the person that makes the guide: 1.EREBUS - LEVEL 2 - EREBUS DIG SITE: Maintenance Supply: Mark Tanner 2.EREBUS - LEVEL 2 - EREBUS DIG SITE: Central Excavation: Gregory Martin 3.EREBUS - LEVEL 3 - EREBUS LABS: The Proving Grounds: Stewart Jackson 4.EREBUS - LEVEL 3 - EREBUS LABS: Medical Ward: Preston Glenn 5.EREBUS - LEVEL 3 - EREBUS LABS: Site 1 Research Access: Steven Crane 6.EREBUS - LEVEL 3 - EREBUS LABS: Artifact Storage: Viktor Kharkov 7.EREBUS - LEVEL 4 - EREBUS CONTROL: Administration North Hall: Ron Gibbons 8.EREBUS - LEVEL 4 - EREBUS CONTROL: Excavation Transfer: Mac Smith 9.EREBUS - LEVEL 4 - EREBUS CONTROL: Lobby: Nathan Reynolds 10.EREBUS - LEVEL 5 - EREBUS RESEARCH: Cargo Storage Stairwell: Sean Gibson 11.EREBUS - LEVEL 6 - EREBUS STATION: Blocked Passag
  • 11.EREBUS - LEVEL 6 - EREBUS STATION: Blocked Passage: Fred Grossan 12.PHOBOS LABS - SECTOR 1 - TELEPORTATION: Utility Closet: Bernard Fresko 13.PHOBOS LABS - SECTOR 2 - MOLECULAR RESEARCH: Conference Room: James Owens 14.PHOBOS LABS - SECTOR 2 - MOLECULAR RESEARCH: Pumping Station: Seth Killian 15.PHOBOS LABS - SECTOR 2 - MOLECULAR RESEARCH: Upper Walkway: Keith Noordzy 16.PHOBOS LABS - SECTOR 2 - MOLECULAR RESEARCH: Security Control: David Edens 17.PHOBOS LABS - SECTOR 3 - MAIN REACTOR: Lower Maintenance: Nicolas Haag 18.PHOBOS LABS - SECTOR 1 - TELEPORTATION: Airlock Access: Ronn Jolson 19.DELTA LABS - UNKNOWN - UNION AEROSPACE RESEARCH DIVISION: Common Area: Patrick Hook Source: http://faqs.ign.com/articles/605/605143p1.html
  • bLaKgRaVy This list is incomplete I found a PDA somewhere in Phobos labs that not on the list and founds the rest here and still didn't get the chieve.Hopefully we can get a full list up soon.
  • all the sites say the same thing, i think its glitched.
  • I had 21 counting the personal one and still no achievement.
  • I had 21 NOT counting the personal and I got the achievement. Looks like this list is missing Sean Weston and Leo Avery.
  • Darkblade Were is leo Avery. Also I can't remember were I got sean. I believe it was level 2, not sure though.
  • I believe it was level 5 I don't remember. I'm going to play a 2nd playthrough on nightmare so if I find it again I'll let you know in more detail.
  • I used the IGN PC walkthrough and compiled this list by searching "PDA". I searched through 4 walkthroughs and transcripts and the only one that was missing from my list is Leonard Avery. It is after Sean Gibson's. Erebus Level 5 - Erebus Research: Armory I have not seen a Sean Weston mentioned anywhere and I forgot to list your own PDA, but that's a given. Ah, it is mentioned here. It is in Level 2: http://www.gamespot.com/features/doom-3-resurrection-of-evil-walkthrough-6122486/?page=5 So my count is now 22. Incidentally, it's missing Leonard Avery's PDA. It's also missing David Edens' and Ron Jolson's...
  • Starting with Level 1, the Doom Wikia lists all the PDA's in the game. The only one missing is David Edens. http://doom.wikia.com/wiki/Erebus_-_Level_1:_Main_Excavation I'm sorry about this guys. 22 including yours is the count now. Hopefully that's it.
  • dam we really need a guide for this.
  • Confirmed list with all the PDA's! One of my Live friends went through the campaign and got all of these and the achievement unlocked. So like I said above, it is 22 PDA's in RoE including your own. It's a zipped spreadsheet, and you have to be signed in to download it. It took the work I did for Doom 3, and he added RoE and Lost Mission, so it's got all three games' PDA's, Codes and Videos. http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showpost.php?p=5339115&postcount=5
  • the spreadsheet that was posted that contains all three campaigns is complete for the RoE achievement
  • All PDA's,Lockers & Video logs on youTube: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSz08HX7PxlUqtJn5dLSxw-KCy9y5cwOq
  • Sorry should have specified that it's both Doom3,RoE & Lost Mission
  • Thanks for putting that list up, gravy.

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