Too Slow, Fool! Achievement in Doom 3: BFG Edition

  • Too Slow, Fool!



    Kill 5 enemies at once while in Hell Time in RoE

    How to unlock Too Slow, Fool!

    You will first obtain Hell Time for the Artifact once you defeat the Helltime Hunter boss. Hell Time is this game’s version of slow motion. It is activated by using the Bloodstone (see “Evil Nightmare”). A good spot for this is in Erebus Labs Level 3, but can be done anywhere there are five enemies together really.

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  • Shortly after you pick up the super shotgun from Sarge's office you will be in a room that turns red and suddenly surrounded by 8-10 zombies.Go slow-mo with the regular shotty and you can't fail.
  • The spot killa86 is talking about is in Erebus Level 3, there's an office with the double barreled shotgun and another where you have to grab a power unit. Once you leave the area the screen turns red and like killa86 said, about 8 zombies show up.

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