Fists of Fury Achievement in Doom 3: BFG Edition

  • Fists of Fury



    Use the Artifact with Berserk ability to punch out 20 enemies in RoE

    How to unlock Fists of Fury

    Once you defeat the Berserk Hunter boss, the Artifact will be granted the ability of Berserk. You will simply need to activate the Artifact enough times to obtain 20 melee kills while you are under the effects of it.

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  • u should use your punch to kill an enemy after you activate the artifact, right?i've killed more than 50 enemies, no achievements, why?some kind of glitch?
  • u need to get Berserk skill from Hunter Berserk boss before to take off 20 enemies ;)
  • You can use this after you kill the Hunter Berserk boss at the end of Erebus Dig Site Level 6. This is an awesome skill, drops big guys with 2-3 punches and everyone else in 1. There are a ton of bodies around Phobos Labs section 2, so should be pretty easy to get there.
  • Yeah,this ain't that hard to get especially since the game remember how many you have taken out even if you load,so I thought I had gotten around 10 when the achievement unlocked,awesome :) But as said above you have to get "Berserk" added to the artifact before you can do it & then it's just using the hands instead of weapons & actually some foes are much easier to get this way since you now can take out most with a punch,good luck Marines ;)

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