2 Deaths - 1 Gun Achievement in Doom 3: BFG Edition

  • 2 Deaths - 1 Gun



    Kill two enemies in the same room with a rocket in DOOM 3 Multiplayer

    How to unlock 2 Deaths - 1 Gun

    For this one, you must kill two DIFFERENT enemies in the same room at the same time with the rocket launcher. Usually one rocket may not kill both enemies, so it would be smart to wound them before firing or just keep firing rockets until you kill both together. This is basically just a double kill with the rocket launcher.

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  • I'm wondering if this just means as long as you kill both in the same room, or if it has to be at the same time/few seconds apart. Let me know if anyone wants to boost this. I've got a friend also looking for this, and we're willing to help.
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