- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 27 [885]
- Online: 6 [115]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 25-30 hours [If boosting Online achievements] [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 + partial [Highly recommended to do 2 full playthroughs]
- Missable achievements: Collectible and some miscellaneous achievements can be missed if playing on Extra Life mode, playing on normal mode none are missable
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed: None

DOOM Eternal sees you take control again of the impossibly powerful DOOM Slayer and tasks you with tearing your way through Earth, Mars, Hell and anything fleshy that stands before you as you resume your eternal struggle against the Demonic forces of Hell!

The achievements in this game are largely straightforward. Though some online achievements are present, they can be boosted to cut down on time and perhaps a little frustration. You can choose to play and complete Extra Life mode first and get all collectibles and most miscellaneous achievements here, however you can miss some stuff if you're not careful since mission select is turned off in this mode, even after completion of the campaign. You can also not unlock the achievement "Master of Fasting" on Extra Life mode since it requires replaying a level with a cheat activated, though you can't replay levels on this mode and the cheat can only be found on chapter 10, so another partial playthrough would be needed to reach this cheat and then use it.

While this may seem the better option as opposed to two full playthroughs, there is a risk of missing collectibles and you need to finish Extra Life mode with more than 10 lives remaining, which itself is easy, however during your first time through the game, you may struggle and die a lot, not knowing what to do or where to go. There are also a lot of combat challenges and Slayer Gates that need to be completed that too can cost you a lot of lives, so this is why I would recommend a normal playthrough first to get everything done, then a second playthrough on Extra Life mode for it's achievement where you then would know the game and not need to waste lives with any of the combat challenges or Slayer Gates, which is how the Roadmap will be written - assuming two playthroughs will be done.

Normal Playthrough + mop up misc. achievements: Any difficulty
Your first playthrough should be done on the normal mode on any difficulty. I personally would suggest the easiest difficulty since it can be tough at the start until you get some upgrades, but if you're a veteran of the series or just fancy a challenge, feel free to do any difficulty you wish, it is irrelevant in regards to the achievements. Note though that there are 6 Slayer gates to complete and these can be challenging, though as with the rest of the game, they get easier with some upgrades and certain weapons. You can also return to any of them through mission select from the Fortress of DOOM at any time, though you need to replay the level up to the point where you can access them. Completing all 6 slayer gates will unlock "Bonus Stage" and "Breaker of Gates" and then using all 6 keys from these back at the Fortress of DOOM to acquire the Unmaykr will unlock "Meet Your Unmaykr".

It's the same story for the collectibles too; if you miss any during this playthrough you can go back to any mission from the Fortress of DOOM to find them and, conveniently when choosing your mission you can see which levels still have outstanding collectibles, so you don't need to keep track yourself. You can also see what collectibles are on each level by looking at the map and with some Praetor Suit upgrades, you can get even more details on these. There are also achievements for upgrading weapons and your suit as well as your health, armor or ammo. The means with which to upgrade these are all detailed in their descriptions but typically form part of the various collectibles or activities that are done on the missions. Finding all collectibles, including the means to upgrade your equipment and Extra Lives will unlock "Crystal Craving", "King of the Crystals", "This One's my Favorite", "They're ALL My Favorite", "Homemaykr", "Extra Extra Lives", "Reforged the Genie Lamp", "Metal Head", "Playset Sold Separately" and "If Only I Could Read…".

For time purposes I would suggest not leaving any mission until you have done everything on it, found all collectibles, completed the Slayer Gate, should there be one, etc.. At the end of each level before walking through the final portal/door a message will appear on-screen telling you that fast travel is now available and this lets you fast travel around the map so you can use this to collect anything you may have missed.

Other than the collectibles, there are some miscellaneous achievements, that will almost certainly come from just playing the game, such as "Darn It, They Keep BREAKING" which is for performing 33 unique glory kills and "It's a Magic Number" for killing 666 demons, among other things that will come with natural play.

The achievement "Treasure Hunter" is unlocked on the mission 'Taras Nabad' and is for completing everything on the level, all collectibles and combat challenges, so be aware of this when playing, though as with the rest of the game, you can choose this mission from the Fortress of DOOM to replay at any time.

After completing the game and all of the collectibles and miscellaneous achievements, you likely have only "Master of Fasting" left. You will need to replay a mission with a cheat activated for this, so see it's description for details.

Extra Life Mode Playthrough: Any difficulty (easiest recommended)
Your next step after completing the game and all of the collectibles and the like is to complete it again from the start on Extra Life mode. This game mode is separate from the normal game and is chosen from the main menu when starting a new game. I would suggest using a new save slot for this too so that you don't overwrite your previous playthrough, in case that is needed for any DLC. You can choose any difficulty for this and I would personally recommend playing on the easiest difficulty for the sake of the achievement "Running Up the High Score" which requires you to complete Extra Life mode with more than 10 lives left. This on the easiest difficulty is very easy, I had over 40 after my own playthrough so as long as you collect the extra lives dotted around the maps and don't die all that often, you will have no issue with this achievement.

Doing this on a second playthrough has the advantage of you knowing where to go and what to do and expect. You should also be much better at the game and the controlling of your character making this playthrough just a formality towards your completion.

Finally there is the online to contend with. You have two options here; play it properly and hope to make progress towards the achievements, though this will take a while and may not be to everybody's liking, or you can boost them all with two other people. The Online is an assymetrical fight with the DOOM Slayer versus two Demons. It feels largely unfair for the DOOM Slayer and favours the Demons and as such trying to unlock these achievements while playing the online properly may be frustrating and ultimately make the completion of this game much more difficult and take much longer, so I would personally recommend boosting them. For this you will need 2 other people and to play in a private match. Feel free to use the Official XBA Boosting Session Information & Discussion thread to find others to play with. Details on each of the achievements can be found in their descriptions below. The achievements unlocked online are "Mix and Match", "Fight Like Hell", "Blood Bath", "Man vs Monsters", "Weapons Expert" and "Truce between Demons".

Note that you can see your progress for each of the online achievements/requirements while in the Battlemode Lobby by pressing , then going to Milestones. Use to tab across to the Battlemode menu and all of your online progress for the achievements will be here.

So there you have it! An insane, brutally over the top Demon-slaying FPS. The single player campaign is fantastic and I'm sure you will enjoy every second spent trying to unlock the achievements. The online is hit and miss, some may love it, personally I wasn't a fan, but at least it can be boosted.
[XBA would like to thank Scotty for this Roadmap]

DOOM Eternal Achievement Guide

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Show secret achievements

There are 50 achievements with a total of 1545 points

  • Complete the Campaign on any difficulty

    Story related, cannot be missed.
  • Complete a Mission with only the Famine Mode cheat on

    The cheat codes are spread throughout the game as collectibles and the Famine Mode cheat is no different. It can be acquired on the Nekravol mission. See the description for "Gunpletionist" for a video of all the games collectibles in every level, including all of the cheats.

    To use a cheat after you have collected it, you need to go to the Fortress of Doom and then use the console to mission select. From here, press to access the cheats and then choose Famine Mode. I would recommend for the purposes of this achievement to replay the first level with this cheat on as that would make it extremely easy. What this cheat does is stop any Demons you kill dropping any health or armor after they have been killed, so you need to survive with whatever placed pickups are available, though on the first mission on the easiest difficulty, with your end game powered DOOM Slayer, this is not a problem.
  • Complete Extra Life Mode with 10 Extra Lives in your Inventory

    It is highly recommended to attempt this as a second playthrough of the game after having completed it once to know where to go and what to do and to also attempt this on the easiest difficulty, though these things are of course up to you. You can choose 'Extra Life mode' from the main menu when starting a new game, it is below the difficulty options. You can then choose the difficulty of this mode after selecting it.

    You will begin the game with 3 lives in the top left of the screen and can then pick more up from around the levels as you progress. It seems there are 3 lives to pick up in each new area and with some levels having more than 1 main area you can find dozens of them. If you run out of lives you will have to start the game again from the beginning, which is why this is recommended on a second playthrough. If you're already familiar with the mission layouts, and keep checking your map for the locations of the lives then you are very unlikely to die very often and once you have built up a decent stock of lives, above 20 for example, you can relax a little knowing you can afford to die a few times.

    I personally had 44 lives in my inventory by the end of the game, just to give some perspective on the amount of available lives.
  • Upgrade Health, Armor, or Ammo

    See "King of the Crystals" below for more details.
  • Fully upgrade Health, Armor, or Ammo in a single save slot

    Throughout the game you will find Crystals, one of which is found in the Fortress of DOOM near the beginning of the game and it is a mission objective to collect it, to show you what they are. Each of these will allow you to upgrade either your Health, Armor or Ammo by 1. Each of these has 4 total upgrades, so for this achievement you will need to collect a minimum of 4 Crystals and concentrate on upgrading the same thing, however there are enough Crystals to fully upgrade everything and when searching for this games many collectibles, these will be found along the way.

    See the description for "Gunpletionist" for a video of all the games collectibles in every level, including the Crystal locations.
  • Complete a Praetor Suit Perk category in a single save slot

    See "They're ALL My Favorite" for more details.
  • Purchase all Praetor Suit Perks in a single save slot

    You are shown towards the beginning of the game how to upgrade your Praetor suit with tokens. You need to collect these tokens from around the levels, with a few available to find in the Fortress of DOOM. There are more tokens available in the game than you need to fully upgrade everything and if you're looking for all of the collectibles in every level, then you will find enough of these as you are playing.

    See the description for "Gunpletionist" for a video of all the games collectibles in every level, including the tokens for the suit upgrades.
  • Spend 8 Sentinel Batteries in the Fortress of Doom in a single save slot

    You can use Sentinel Batteries to open display cases and such while in the Fortress of Doom that will grant you access to things such as Praetor suit perks, weapon mods and some skins, among other things. You will find Sentinel Batteries throughout the game typically as part of your objective, but not always. There are more than 8 cases to unlock with Batteries and some have arguably useless rewards, such as the skins, so be sure to open the displays with Praetor suit tokens and weapon mods first as you will also need these for other achievements.

    See the description for "Gunpletionist" for a video of all the games collectibles in every level, including all Sentinel batteries.
  • Pick up 20 Extra Lives Total in a single save slot

    See "Running Up the High Score" for more details on 'Extra Life mode'.

    You can also find the same lives on the normal game mode, however the only difference here is that if you run out you will go back to the latest checkpoint instead of the beginning of the game. If you are playing the normal mode first, you will almost certainly unlock this without effort as you are collecting everything on every level.
  • Complete the cheat code collection in a single save slot

    Cheat codes are one of the many collectible types in the game. See the description for "Gunpletionist" for a video of all the games collectibles in every level.
  • Complete the album collection in a single save slot

    Another collectible type, see the description for "Gunpletionist" for a video of all the games collectibles in every level.
  • Complete the toy collection in a single save slot

    Yet another type of collectible, yet another sentence telling you to see the description for "Gunpletionist" for a video of all the games collectibles in every level.
  • Collect all physical Codex pages in a single save slot

    A final type of collectible and subsequent sentence of seeing the description for "Gunpletionist" for a video of all the games collectibles in every level.
  • Complete a Slayer Gate

    See "Breaker of Gates" below for more details.

    For this achievement you simply need to complete any of the 6 Slayer Gates in the game.
  • Complete all Slayer Gates in a single save slot

    There are 6 Slayer Gates in the game and these are simply a combat challenge against a few waves of enemies, typically slightly harder than the enemies you are facing on the level they are on. You can do these as you find them or you can reload the levels they are on later from the Fortress of DOOM when you're more upgraded. To access the Slayer Gates, you need to find the key to unlock them. They are displayed on the map as a purple key and are typically found near the gate itself.

    See the description for "Gunpletionist" for a video of all the games collectibles in every level, including the locations of all of the Slayer gates and their key locations.
  • Master all Weapon Mods in a single save slot

    Each weapon has two Mods you will need to first find and equip, then complete a challenge related to them both to unlock the third Mastery upgrade. You then need to complete this Mastery upgrade to then have the gun and all of it's Mods Mastered. You will have to find the Mods throughout the game to then equip them to your guns. You can also find 'Mastery Tokens' that will allow you to master a Mod without having to complete it's challenge. These are scarce so use them only on challenges you otherwise would find difficult. The video below will show you all of the Mod locations as well as all of the Mastery Token locations.

    The guns that have mods and that need to be mastered are:
    • Combat Shotgun
    • Heavy Cannon
    • Plasma Rifle
    • Rocket Launcher
    • Super Shotgun
    • Ballista
    • Chaingun
    You do not need to master either the BFG-9000 or the Unmaykr as they have no Mods.

    You can see what challenges you need to do to master a Mod by pressing then pressing to tab across to Arsenal. Here are all of your weapons and any/all of the Mods you have, as well as what you need to do to complete any challenges to then master them.

    All credit for the fantastic video playlist to the legendary 360GameTV:

  • Perform 33 Unique Glory Kills in a single save slot

    Glory kills are achieved when you do enough damage to a Demon and they will then start to flash orange/blue. You then go up to them and press and you will kill them in an exaggeratingly gruesome way. Typically, each Demon will have multiple glory kill animations and to perform different ones depends on where you are positioned in relation to the Demon. So performing the glory kill from in front, behind, either side, below or above them can usually result in different glory kill animations. I say usually because it is not an exact science and you will sometimes get the same animation despite thinking you were positioned differently.

    There are more than 33 available glory kills and you will be glory killing very often to get health drops from enemies so this is likely to come from natural game-play, though feel free to experiment with different positions, especially when you first start seeing new enemies.
  • Play as 5 different Player Demons in BATTLEMODE

    *This is an online achievement*

    As of the release of the game, there are only 5 Demons to choose from in Battlemode, so you simply need to play as them all once in a match. You don't need to win, just complete a match as each of the 5 Demons. These are:
    1. Mancubus
    2. Marauder
    3. Pain Elemental
    4. Revenant
    5. Archvile
  • Do 5000 damage as a Player Demon in BATTLEMODE

    *This is an online achievement*

    This achievement is cumulative and requires you to do 5000 damage across your entire playtime while playing as a Demon, not in a single attack. This can be any damage you deal, melee, ranged, etc. You will earn this simply from attempting all of the other online achievements, though it will take some time and is likely to be one of your final online achievements, especially if you boosted them all.
  • Kill 200 opponents in BATTLEMODE

    *This is an online achievement*

    Self explanatory, simply make 200 kills either by killing the Demons or the DOOM Slayer. The best method for boosting this is to play as the DOOM Slayer and alternately kill the Demons. A match will continue much longer if one Demon remains alive, so have the player using DOOM Slayer kill one Demon, then wait for it to respawn, then kill the second Demon and while they wait to respawn the first Demon can make their way back to the DOOM Slayer to be killed again, only after the second Demon respawns. Repeat as necessary with each player.
  • Play 25 BATTLEMODE matches

    *This is an online achievement*

    Another self explanatory achievement, simply play to completion 25 matches. You don't need to win, just finish them.
  • Kill a Player Demon with each of the 8 Slayer weapons in BATTLEMODE

    *This is an online achievement*

    Yet another self explanatory achievement, you need to kill a Demon with each of the 8 weapons. This can of course be very easily boosted along with "Blood Bath" if you're doing such a thing. The weapons you need to get a kill with are:
    1. Combat Shotgun
    2. Super Shotgun
    3. Heavy Cannon
    4. Chaingun
    5. Plasma Rifle
    6. Ballista
    7. Rocket Launcher
    8. BFG
    Note that you have to acquire the BFG as a pick up from the arena and it can only be found and used in the 4th round.
  • Heal yourself or your teammate for 50000 health in BATTLEMODE

    *This is an online achievement*

    You can use a healing ability called 'Healing Zone' as a power if you choose the action set for any of the Demons that have it. This can be done in the Battlemode menu before starting a match, go to Loadouts, then choose your Demon, then press to tab across to Actions. Press to change your action set and look for the action set that includes 'Healing Zone' as a power.

    When you are then in a match, you can drop this Healing Zone onto the ground and it will provide a small area where you or your allies can stand to start being healed. This can be easily boosted while attempting other online achievements and will take some time as the amount you can heal isn't a huge amount.
  • Kill 666 Demons (excluding Player Demons and Wolves)

    This is cumulative and will almost certainly unlock before the end of your first playthrough. It's self explanatory and is the main focus and point of the entire game.

Secret achievements

  • Complete Hell on Earth

    Story related, cannot be missed.
  • Kill the Doom Hunters

    Story related, cannot be missed.
  • Blow a hole in Mars

    Story related, cannot be missed.
  • Best the Gladiator in the coliseum

    Story related, cannot be missed.
  • Acquire a new Crucible in Taras Nabad

    Story related, cannot be missed.
  • Kill the Khan Maykr

    Story related, cannot be missed.
  • Kill the Icon of Sin

    Story related, cannot be missed.
  • Beat all encounters and Mission Challenges, and find all Items in Taras Nabad in a single save slot

    Taras Nabad is the 9th mission of the game and you will need to complete it and all of it's challenges and secrets within a single save file, which simply means on the same campaign playthrough, so you can complete these in multiple runs of the mission, you don't need to do them all in a single run.

    This entails completing every combat encounter, which is natural gameplay. Completing the 3 mission challenges; Man Made Wiki (acquire 6 Codex entries), Keeping Cool (use the Ice Bomb to freeze 10 Demons) and Painkiller (perform 3 different Glory Kills on Pain Elementals). You will also need to complete the 2 Combat challenges and find all of the collectibles.

    The video below shows you how to beat everything and collect everything on this mission;

    All credit for the fantastic videos to the legendary 360GameTV:

  • Acquire the Unmaykr

    The Unmaykr is a weapon and is found locked up in the Fortress of DOOM. You unlock it by collecting the 6 keys that drop after beating all 6 Slayer Gates in the game, then using those 6 Keys on the container that holds the weapon.

    See the description for "Gunpletionist" for a video of all the games collectibles in every level, including the locations of the Slayer Gates and their keys.

DLC: The Ancient Gods - Part One (Store Link)

There are 7 achievements with a total of 250 points

  • Complete Extra Life Mode with 5 Extra Lives in your Inventory (Ancient Gods 1)

  • Acquire all Support Runes in a single save slot (Ancient Gods 1)

  • Complete all Secret Encounters in a single save slot (Ancient Gods 1)

  • Collect all physical Codex pages in a single save slot (Ancient Gods 1)


Secret achievements

DLC: The Ancient Gods - Part Two (Store Link)

There are 7 achievements with a total of 250 points

  • Acquire all Sentinel Hammer upgrades (Ancient Gods 2)

  • Complete Extra Life Mode with 5 Extra Lives in your Inventory (Ancient Gods 2)

  • Collect all physical Codex pages in a single save slot (Ancient Gods 2)


Secret achievements

DLC: Horde Mode

There are 3 achievements with a total of 45 points

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