Rip and Tear Achievement

  • Rip and Tear



    Complete any level on 'Nightmare' in Single player

    Load up the very first level of “Hell on Earth” and run through it like the wind. At the start, turn around and get the chainsaw, it’ll help for running through enemies. Keep it revving throughout the entire level. Jump down and enter the hallway, take a right, keep going past the door on the left then take another right, then you’ll be in a brown room, take a left here, then keep going along that left wall and take one more left and there’s the finish room. Be careful, there will be an Imp in there waiting there.

  • the first stage in the first set to choose is the fastest one to do the achievement in
  • Fun achievement :P
  • Hahha i just took the Chainsaw and run like hell to the exit.. completed level in 1 min or something.. I almost died so i reccomend camping and take yur change.. best level do this is the first!
  • Got through the first level on the first try. Then I tried the second and still haven't gotten through- farthest is right before the blue key. Also tried getting through level 1 of No Rest and couldn't. I made it to the blue key then died by the map pickup. Respect to anyone who can take this whole game on NM.
  • Did this on level 1, ran most of the level. Made it...wasnt healthy after it though

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