Superior Firepower Achievement

  • Superior Firepower



    Complete all levels on 'Ultra-Violence' or higher in Single player

    For this one, you have to finish every single level on “Ultra-Violence.” The best way to go about doing this is to take each level slow and steady. Save very often, since you are allowed to save anywhere, so make good use of that. Be careful not to save while moving, you may load and be falling into a pit with no escape. Conserve all the ammo you can, chainsaw pink demons instead of use ammo. Doom II is about the same as the first one. There are a lot less hard levels in this game though.

    NOTE: Secret levels are NOT required.

  • I hate this crap achievement. If there was more ammo, it should be a lot easier. Its just too... argh.
  • if you think this is a shit achievement, than just remember that this is easy compared to other shit achievements, at least its not nightmare!
  • c'mon hawky-poo! u gotta man up for those cheevo's. beatin' doom 1 on nightmare was, well, a nightmare. talk about no ammo and being too..... argh. it wasn't argh enough for me cuz i still beat it. you can do it pahtna........ maybe..... stupid gamercard is out of date - missin' about 5k gamerscore :(
  • the hardest 25g ive ever earned i think!!
  • Gimme a break guys. Only 2 levels gave me trouble in this. "Bloodfalls", and "Tomb of Malevolence". It's not THAT Hard
  • I agree, it's just Doom, it wasn't hard when it first came out so long ago and it isn't now...
  • do i need to finish also "no rest for living" episode or "hell on earth" is enough??
  • i finished "no rest for the living" first, then "hell on earth"... there is no ned to finish bonus levels ("wolfenstein" and "grosse" in "hell on earth" and "march of demons" in "no rest for the living")
  • Somehow I missed Level 6 "The Crusher". Is this a secret level or something? How can you miss an actual level unless it is a secret one? well, just finished all the rest on UV, but achievement didn't pop, but have not did no rest for the living and was wandering if i have to complete it also?
  • Nope! Level 6 "The Crusher" is not secret level... maybe it was bugged and game did not count it that you passed the level for the first time
  • Can you get this on co-op?
  • The only achievement you can get in Co-op is Destroyer. I tried getting 6 achievements with my friend Kryten (The Great Communicator, Burning Out of Control, An Important Looking Door, Rip and Tear, and Just Getting Started), but none of them popped.
  • idkfa + iddqd would be helpful :)
  • why would you ask can you get this in co-op the achievement clearly says Complete all levels on 'Ultra-Violence' or higher in Single player Single Player but yeah, easy 25g just like Doom
  • no ammo!
  • @ #13, try idspispopd- it lets you run throug walls and all that good stuff!
  • i've only really played doom 1 and doom 3 on nightmare, knew all the secret weapon caches, doom 2 is doable, enemies don't respawn, but some enemies will script-idly teleport behind you, but you can kill all the enemies, and scavange for ammo/health before moving to the next level, my suggestion is to watch a walkthrough video with all the secrets shown, once you go to a new level it might help if you do a few dry runs; save prior etc just to get a feel for what's up, then watch the walkthrough, and then play for reals :)
  • Has anyone tried using speedrun videos to get through this?
  • Do you earn achievement if you use secret in 4 level (no rest for the living) to right to 9 level?
  • If you use secret in level 4 to skip to level 9 and finish level 9, you will be teleported to the level 5 (no achievement will be gained).
  • I got Doom 3: BFG and played Doom 1 then 2 back-to-back. I'm not sure which was harder. The first had some harsh map designs (thinking of 4-1& 4-2) and you have to start over every 9 levels. Two had harder monsters added, but you get the 2x shotgun. Overall, I'd say it's a tie. Anyway UV is done for both. If only I had the skills to take them out on NM.
  • how many levels you need for first campaign? I´m in level 22 Catacombs, beat all level till now and still no end..
  • Doom 1 is 4 sets of eight maps each with 1 secret level. Doom 2 is 30 maps two secretS. Plus the tradition 8+1 add on. Secret levels not needed for achievements
  • Lol finally figured out 4-2 and bow to finish doom two
  • Lol finally figured out 4-2 and bow to finish doom two
  • idclip to the finish button/pit
  • Seriously the City levels (12-20) are the only ones that are actually hard in this game.
  • WTF???? I just finished the game on Ultra Violence, I checked the leaderboard and all levels from 1 to 30 were cleared on difficult #4. How come I did not get this achievement???
  • And btw, I completed all the levels in single mode... This is bullshit!!!!

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