Burning Out of Control Achievement

  • Burning Out of Control



    Complete any level with 100% kills, items, and secrets in Single player


    This is easiest to do on the first level of “Hell on Earth” on I’m too young to die difficulty. You don’t have to pick up the items for them to count; you just have to walk over them. Here is a list of all the things you’ll encounter in order:
    - Turn around at the start to find a chainsaw around the corner, at the start.
    - Two zombies in front of you in the first room.
    - Pistol clip, in the left corner, first room.
    - Armor bonus, in the right corner, first room.
    - Health pickup, behind right support, first room.
    - Enter room on the left in the green hallway, has blue floor.
    - Four zombies on raised platforms, blue floored room.
    - Press right button first, then left button, on the raised platforms, same room.
    - Secret room opens in back right corner, two health pickups and a green armor.
    - Continue down hallway, eight blue health vials at the end.
    - One zombie in hallway to the right, before the vials.
    - Zombie on the lift to the right, in the last room, has brown walls and floor.
    - Health pickup on lift where that zombie was.
    - Imp in a cage in back left corner.
    - Go up lift, press use on wall behind lift, door opens at the top, press switch.
    - Run off the lift and land on the top of the square light below you.
    - Go back to the health vials, secret area opens with a rocket launcher.
    - Go back to the last room; go to the back right corner, to the right of the Imp, a door leading outside should be open.
    - Shotgun and shotgun shells in the back right corner as soon as you go outside.
    - Press on the wall to the right of the Imp, secret compartment should open which contains one health pickup.
    - Inside EXIT room, three big health kits and one pistol clip.

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