A Man and a Half Achievement

  • A Man and a Half



    Get 20 kills using the Berserk Powerup in a single level in Single player

    There are plenty of places in Doom II where you can obtain this without any trouble. The best and quickest place would definitely have to be the very first level of the new episode, "No Rest for the Living." Simply start up this episode on Hurt me Plenty. The best way to go about obtaining this is to grab the powerup and then kill everything in sight with it. Keep killing enemies with your fists until you get the achievement.

  • I thought in the original the power-up only lasted as long as the red screen? was this intentional or is this a glitch?
  • im pretty sure youre right i mean thats how i remembered it. its taken me forever just tryin this chiv and now i know that it keeps goin after the red screen this is gonna be so much easier.
  • You're both wrong. It always lasted until the end of the level. The red screen always left a misconception that it only lasted as long as the screen was red, but the manuals for the games were always quite clear that the berserk effect lasted until you reached the end of the level.
  • Here's a copy of the original readme file from the shareware version of the first Doom (you could play the first set of levels, then you had to buy the rest of the game) from way back in the day. http://classicdoom.com/doominfo.htm As you can see at the end of the description for the Berserk Powerup, it clearly states "Duration: one level". ;)
  • ...This could have saved me sooo much time.
  • Any reccomended levles to get this achievement on?
  • The guide says to set difficulty to Hurt Me Plenty but I actually got it on Not Too Rough.

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