You Have Huge Guts Achievement

  • You Have Huge Guts



    Kill a CyberDemon using your fists in Single player

    There are several levels that have a CyberDemon in both “Hell on Earth” and “No Rest for the Living.” The earliest place that it can be done is on level eight, “Tricks and Traps.” It is a lot safer and easier to attempt it on the second secret level, however, level thirty-two “Grosse.” You do not have to kill it entirely with fists; you can hurt it with other weapons, and then finish it off.

    Here are the steps on how to do it on level ten (on Ultra-violence):

    • The first thing to do is obvious, clear out most of the level, take your time, you’re in no rush.
    • The CyberDemon is in a little alcove above the exit hallway, this is in a dark room with two lights in the middle of the floor.
    • Head up to this room and save.
    • Hit it four direct times with the BFG.
    • Hit it three to four times with rockets.
    • Now pick up the invulnerability powerup to the left as you enter this room, and start punching it.
    • Around two to three punches should take it down.

    Here are the steps on how to do it on level thirty-two (secret level video at end of guide):

    • At the start, avoid taking the Berserk Powerup, and instead head through the door and you’ll be in a huge room.
    • There will be two blue torches and three green torches on each side.
    • There will also be five grey stone blocks on both sides.
    • Behind the second green torch on the right side, is a stone block. Behind this stone block is a wall, and on the wall behind the block is a golden adornment of some kind with a swastika behind in the middle of it. Press on this and an invulnerability powerup will be revealed.
    • Head to the door at the back of the big room you entered, this will trigger the CyberDemon to spawn.
    • Hit it twice with the BFG, which you should have from level eight.
    • Now run to the Berserk Powerup and grab it.
    • Now go to the invulnerability powerup and grab it.
    • Now start punching the CyberDemon until it dies.
  • "You are huge! That means you have huge guts!"
  • berserk powerup remains active for the entire duration of the level. So you can pick it up right away. It remains active even after the visual effect has gone.
  • if after you fail several times than i suggest you count the number of hits until he dies, save after 1 hit left with BFG, then rocket and shotgun and pistol until 1 bullet kills him, then figure out how to get close to punch him, suppose its easier on the easiest diff. but did it on ultra anyway
  • Gamers who try to get this achievement, the only best way i know how to get this achivement is on level 20 at the start you see the Cyberdemon and the Spider Mastermind, but before you go through them doors their is a secret passage way (can't really describe where it is) you end you with the berserk powerup...afer requiring it...go to the room where the the 2 Monsters are and lunch them two to attack each other...go behind the cyberdemon and keep punching him until he's DESTROYED!! Thats how i did it xD i hope this tip helps :) add me if you need help the location of the berserk powerup
  • You can die as the achievement pops as well. I killed the demon as he was killing me.
  • lol! is this achievement only about "finishing" cyberdemon with fist? i did beat him to death only using fists (on ultra violence)... i did not use any other weapon... my tip is to make it on level 8 tricks and traps. there is cyberdemon and lots of barons of hell. cyberdemon will try to shot you but he will hit barons, that will piss them of so they start to fight each other.. just let them fight, barons will all die but they will deal lot of damage to cyberdemon. then just take invulnerability and punch that motherfudger! i wasnt enough lucky to kill him while invulnerable but after invulnerability ended, about 10 punches made him...
  • This achievement is easy to get if you can get to the two secret levels. Wolfenstien, and Grosse. At the end of Grosse a cyberdemon will come out, open up the pillars and one of them should have an invincibility sphere, and another a beserk pack. Use the BFG on him about 4 times, grab the beserk pack and invincibility sphere, and just whale on him. Ding, achievement unlocked.
  • The guide for level ten is BS. I tried it, and he was able to take 5 more rockets & punches than the guide recommended. Just save after a few hits, then hit it some more. If he goes down before you punch him, revert to a previous save.
  • This is extremely easy to get. I think it's level 8, or one of the ones around there where you start in a round room and there are doors all around in a circle. Enter the one with the cyberdemon. There'll be tons of invincibility powerups. Unload your rockets into him (it took me 8 or 9) and then finish with your fists. Sorry if this doesn't seem very descriptive, I haven't played for months and just wanted to throw out this piece of advice.
  • I got this on the level where there is a Cyber Demon and am Arachnotron slap bang at the begining, I killed the Archnotron first then just kept firing all my weapons at the demon saving after each hit waiting to see how many more hits he could take. Eventually wittling him down to where one pistol shot kills him I then hid infront of the stairs because he glitched slightly and was unable to shoot over the stairs, saved the game and then ran up and tried punching him it took a couple tries (was on really low health and had no armor) but It killed him.
  • I used some guns to weaken him and killed him with my fists, and didn't get achievement. Anyone know something I did wrong?

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