A Really Big Gun Achievement

  • A Really Big Gun



    Find a BFG in Single player

    The earliest BFG that can be found is in level eight, “Tricks and Traps.” Follow these steps:

    • At the start of the level, go into the door to the left of the one you spawn facing.
    • Go to the back of this room, it is a beige colored room with about six cacodemons that come out (big red-pink floating blobs).
    • Hit the switch at the back of this room, and then go into the room that you spawned facing, it’s the room with green and white walls with a rocket launcher and pink demons to the right as you enter on an elevated platform.
    • Go and pick up the rocket launcher and kill all the pinkies.
    • There are two switches at the top, hit the one on the right. A door should open where the rocket launcher was.
    • Go into this room and then to the back to find a blue mega-health power up. Pick this up and then turn around.
    • About eight more pink demons will spawn, kill all of them.
    • Look around this room to find a green pentagram textured wall with a small candle underneath it. This looks identical to the achievement picture for “From Hell to Earth.”
    • Shoot the candle, and the wall will open, revealing the BFG stuffed neatly behind it.

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