- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
- Offline: 10 [180 ]
- Online: 2 [20 ]
- Approximate amount of time for 200 : 2-6 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Number of glitched achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements: No cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements: Yes

Ahh, Doom. A legendary game, the pinnacle of graphics and originality, or at least it was during its debut in 1993. If you haven’t played this game, or heard of it, chances are, you’re a new gamer, or one that likes to live under various objects that prevent contact with the outside world.

Firstly, you want to go through on Ultraviolent mode, so you can get all of the story progression achievements in one run. The biggest difference between Ultraviolent and the lower difficulties, is the abundance of monsters. In reality, this isn’t all that much harder, just be sure to not waste your ammo. "Hoarder" and "Clean slate" should come naturally, if you have trouble with them, start up the first level on the easiest difficulty and focus on killing and finding secrets.

The most difficulty you’re going to have with the achievements, is from "Nightmare", "Rookie" and "Destroyer".

Here is a run of the first level on nightmare difficulty:

As for "Rookie" and "Destroyer", you can either boost or get them legit, if you can find a game. If you plan on doing it legit, your best bet is to get the minigun or rocket launcher and use them to slaughter your foes mercilessly, yum, giblets. If you would like to boost them, you can look for a boosting partner in the boosting thread, or create or join a Session.

If you enjoy nostalgia, or first person shooters, this is a great game. Most achievements are obtained easily and at regular intervals, leaving this game with only a couple of ones that will require real effort. Remember to make those demons pay with their lives for what they did to Daisy.
[XBA would like to thank Darklord Saige for this Roadmap]

Doom Achievement Guide

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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Win a Nightmare level in single player

    Best done in level 1-1 being that the level is extremely short. This REALLY IS a nightmare though so be prepared. This setting has massive amounts of enemies and they respawn after about 20-30 seconds. You also get hurt much easier and all enemies have AMAZING aim. Starting from the beginning go to the room to the left but DON’T GO IN. There are 2 shotgun wielding soldiers on the top of the stairs. Kill them from outside the room. Don’t go up the stairs just yet because behind the pillars are 2 more shotgun soldiers. Quickly dispose of them and Sprint up the stairs, grab your 100% armor and get the hell out of there before they respawn. Now Head to the first door. There are 3 enemies on the stage in the middle of the room so shoot them from the doorway. Don’t run in because there are 2 enemies on either side of you when you enter. Carefully take care of them, and the 2 other shotgun soldiers and move on.

    There are SOLDIERS O PLENTY in the next room and 2 monsters on the wall. Good luck with this room being that this will most likely be the hardest part of this level. Now continue on to the secret door on the side wall (see SCOUT for details) and kill the 2 enemies in the hall. Grab your health and your armor bonuses and high tail it back out of that secret area and to the next room you need to be in. There are monsters and soldiers in here as well so be cautious. Once you finished with them, open the exit door but BACK UP. Theres a monster in there as well. Kill him, run in and exit. Now if you made it this far, big congrats to you as this took me a while to get.

  • Find all items in level

    Can be done on easiest setting but here’s a walkthrough for getting 4 achievements in one run through level 1-1. Set the difficulty to Hurt Me Plenty and start the game on Knee Deep in the Dead (Episode one aka level 1-1). Starting off look to the right for a blue health bonus, then turn around and grab the next one to the left of where you started. There’s also 2 armor bonus items on the opposite wall. Now go into the room with the stairs to the left of where you start. There’s 4 health bonuses and 4 armor bonuses along with a 100% armor bonus. Now leave and continue through the level. Kill the 2 enemies in here and pick up their clips along with the 6 armor bonuses in the room. Continue on and kill the next enemy in the hall. Grab his clip and the 2 blue health bonuses and move on. Kill the monster in the top corner and the soldier at the end.

    Grab his clip and the 2 shotgun ammo clips. Go through the secret panel before the next door (See SCOUT achievement for details) and pick up the box of bullets, health box, and box of shotgun bullets. NOTE: If you can’t pick up a health box at any point during this level just jump in the green poison water until your health is below 100%. Now keep going through the hall to the open area and grab the 200% armor bonus in the middle of the poison pool then back track to the secret door and out. Turn right and go through the next door and kill the monster. In this next room there is 1 armor bonus, 2 clips, 4 health bonuses and 1 health box. Now go into the exit room and grab the 4 armor bonuses and mini health pack but DO NOT EXIT!! You’ve killed every enemy but there are 2 more secret areas to find. Back track to the zig zag walk way room and where you shot the monster in the corner, the wall has been lowered. Go in to find a shotgun, box of shotgun bullets, and a health box. Now for the last secret area. This one is a little tricky so pay attention. In the secret room you were just in, turn around and look out the door.

    You’ll be looking at the zig zag room. Now you see the doorway on the other side? Hold in the left trigger and sprint to it (don’t bother zigging and zagging). Right when you get to the FIRST stair, turn completely around and SPRINT back into the secret room where you came from. On the back wall in the left corner, a small piece of wall has lowered. You need to run fast and get onto it before it goes back up. There are 8 armor bonuses and 1 box of shotgun shells. If you have max bullets just shoot one off to pick up the box of shells. Now jump down, run to the next room and to the exit. 4 achievements in one run and it only takes 5 minutes!!

  • Kill all monsters in level on 'Hurt Me Plenty' or higher

    Easily done in level 1-1 on Hurt Me Plenty. Don’t bother going in the room on the left unless you want the armor. Continue through the level to the first door. Kill the 2 enemies in the first room then go to the next. Kill the 1 enemy in the hall before the zig zag walkway room and the guy at the end of the walkway. There’s a monster up on the wall in the corner that you need to take care of as well. Continue through the next door. Kill the monster in there and finish the level for the achievement.

  • Find a secret area of a map

    Can be done on the easiest difficulty. In level 1-1 get to the area with the zig zag walkway. Walk across to where the next door is and on the right wall before the door there is a secret panel. Press A near the discolored wall to find the secret door and go in. There’s a small hallway that leads into a wide open area with a 200% armor in the middle of a poison pool. You won’t get the achievement until you complete the level. See the "HOARDER" achievement for a walkthrough on getting 4 easy achievements in one level.

  • Complete any level

    Start at level 1-1 and complete it… you can set it at the easiest difficulty and run right through the level in under 15 seconds. From the beginning run straight forward through the hall and open the door, run around to the right of the stage in the middle of the room to the next, then follow the zig zag walk way to the next door. Open and run past the enemy to the next door and exit. Take a look at my walkthrough for 4 easy achievements in one level under "HOARDER".

  • Complete Episode 1 on 'Hurt Me Plenty' or higher

    See "RAMPAGE" achievement for more details.

  • Complete Episode 2 on 'Hurt Me Plenty' or higher

    See "RAMPAGE" achievement for more details.

  • Complete Episode 3 on 'Hurt Me Plenty' or higher

    See "RAMPAGE" achievement for more details.

  • Complete Episode 4 on 'Hurt Me Plenty' or higher

    See "RAMPAGE" achievement for more details.

  • Complete all levels on UltraViolent mode

    Here’s a better way of getting 5 achievements while running through this game from beginning to end. Instead of starting a game and trying to get the EPISODE achievements on Hurt Me Plenty, start a game in Ultraviolent mode instead. The only difference between the 2 difficulties is that there are more enemies in Ultraviolent, but its not that much harder. Just go from beginning to end. You’ll pick up the episode achievements along the way, and upon completion of Episode 4 you’ll receive the "RAMPAGE" and "EPISODE 4" achievement.




    Get 50 kills on Xbox Live

    Jump on Xbox Live and start killing. This isn’t in one game. Once you’ve accumulated 50 kills, you will be awarded this achievement.

  • Get 100 kills on Xbox Live

    Jump on Xbox Live and start killing. This isn’t in one game. Once you’ve accumulated 100 kills, you will be awarded this achievement.

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