That's Gotta Hurt Achievement

  • That's Gotta Hurt



    Get smashed by 3 hammers in a row.

    This achievement requires that you get hit by three hammers in a row. Contrary to the achievement tile, this is not possible to get with the swinging hammers as they knock you down into the water and send you back to the checkpoint. This must be done with the hammers that come down from above and smash you into the ground, temporarily dazing you. This achievement is easily obtained on USA Level 5, Nothing But Air. Near the beginning of the level, you will come to a conveyor belt with four hammers in a row. Make your way to the one farthest on the right and let yourself get smashed. You will keep getting smashed by the hammers as you are pushed along by the conveyor belt. See the video below if you are confused (thanks to TealPavelski).


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