-Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
-Offline: 12 (400 )
-Online: 0 (0)
-Approximate time: 4-5 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 + Level 15 replay
-Missable achievements: None
-Does difficulty affect Achievements? Yes
-Unobtainable achievements: None
-Extra equipment needed?: 2 controllers
-Cheats: No Cheats

Welcome to Double Dragon II: Wander of the Dragons, a remake from the NES - Megadrive hit that unfortunately fail in a lot of ways. In fact, we can objectively call this game an aberration for the classic that this game was. The game is incredibly laggy, with controls even slower than it's original predecessor and a lack of online co-op, meaning you gotta do the co-op achievements locally. Very frustrating enemies, not necessarily because they are hard, but because sometimes bosses will make a joyous habit of falling to the ground every time you're gonna throw a punch at them, giving you an unnecessary very long and boring fight. Fortunately, there's sometimes a sweet justice in this world and there's a way that you won't need to do the entire game more than once to get every achievements, see the following.

Step 1: Story mode
I highly suggest to do story mode on easy, there's no need to put it on hard, you already gotta deal with major lag so save yourself some pain. During the entire campaign, be very careful not to use a Special Attack ( + button), this have to be done in one sitting, if you do it accidentally you have to restart from the beginning so do yourself a favor and don't press at any cost. Upon completion you will get the Rest in Peace-Mercy achievement. There is 3 story-related achievements you will get throughout Story mode: Helpless Observer, Explosion of Rage and Just Like Old Times. If you complete story mode in single player you'll be awarded the Revenge-No Mercy achievement. If you did the game on coop you will get Avengers. Note that you can't get both at the same time.

Some miscellaneous achievements can be earned in Story mode as well. If you complete a level with your health bar to zero you will net the Die Hard achievement. This is a bit luck-based and I wouldn't think too much about it, you might just get this without even trying. If you still don't have it after completing story mode just replay level 1 and let yourself get hit by the stage's last enemy until you have no health left and beat him. To get the Legendary Master achievement, you have to beat a stage by hitting enemies a 100 times and get hit no more than once. This one is easier done if you got a partner in coop for stage 1, beat the casual enemies while your buddy watches closely your back so you won't get hit from sideways while racking up your hit count and let him take care of the harder enemy at the end. If you don't have a partner then do the level very carefully and hit the final enemy with your special attacks (don't do this if you go for Rest in Peace-Mercy)

Step 2: Replay level 15
Now that you completed Story mode once, you can select a level. Fortunately you can get Avengers and Invincible by only completing this level without doing the campaign all over again. First, load up level 15 on easy in co-op, don't worry if you don't have anybody to control the 2nd controller as you get more than enough lives to do it without too much trouble, just keep in mind that you are now allowed to use your special skills (+). There is 4 power-up spheres in the room, each giving you 2 special attacks shots and replenishing your entire health bar, so use them sparingly. When you're done, replay level 15 a final time on hard, this could give you some trouble and you might need a few tries but it's not that hard, you just have to make good use of the power-up spheres. Personally I thought the red spheres were the best against the bosses.

Note: that if you did the story mode on coop the first time you will be able to get Revenge-No Mercy and Invincible at the same time.

Step 3: The other modes
Go to VS modes and start a game, then just wait, a round is 90 seconds and you have to wait all 90 seconds for 3 consecutive rounds to get the Almost Equal achievement. Finally go to survival mode to get the last 2 achievements. The best stage for survival is hideout, as this stage is more wide-open with better visibility. Reach wave 4, which is like a ''bonus'' wave, a train of enemies will come through the left door, put yourself in front of them and keep pressing until your meter on the upper left screen reach 5 bars, then hit the enemies with 5 consecutive power attacks ( +) to get the Just Like Bruce Lee achievement. This one can be done on Story mode too, but the lack of big group of enemies makes it much harder, here you can pretty much do it in your first try. For Survivor, you have to kill 150 enemies in survival. It is nearly impossible to do on your own, so you will need a partner for this one. Having a partner means double force, double special attacks and you won't have all enemies against you. It's very important to save your special attacks for the bosses and take the sphere that will fall in the center in wave 12 when it's utterly necessary. This is the hardest achievement in the game so take your time, use a good strategy and it's very possible to do.

[x360a would like to thank SoG Lord Kratos for this road map]

Double Dragon II: Wander of the Dragons Achievement Guide

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There are 12 achievements with a total of 400 points

  • Witness Marian's death in story mode

    Story-related and cannot be missed

  • Find Marian's necklace in the Heliport.

    Story-related and cannot be missed

  • Find the Tree of Memories in the Field of Death.

    Story-related and cannot be missed

  • Complete the game on story mode.

    Finish the game in single player. If you did the game on co-op the first time, then you will only need to complete level 15 again to get it.

  • Complete the game on story mode without using any special attacks.

    Complete the entire Story Mode without using a special attack ( + ). Have to be done in one sitting, if you use one accidentally you have to restart from the beginning

  • Complete story mode in co-op.

    You only need to finish level 15 in co-op, so if you did Story Mode in single player then replay level 15 with a second controller to get this.

  • End 3 successive rounds in a draw in VS mode.

    Start a match in VS mode, then wait 90 seconds three rounds in a row to get this achievement.

  • Complete final stage on the Hard difficulty setting.

    You only need to get through level 15 on Hard, so upon completing Story mode, select level 15 and put it on Hard. You got 24 lives and 4 power-up spheres in the room. Use your special attacks on the big bosses and make good use of the spheres to replenish your health and get 2 special attacks. Use the red orb to give more damage to the bosses.

  • Successfully execute 5 power attacks in a row.

    The best place to get this is in Survival mode, select the hideout stage and reach wave number 4. A straight line of enemies will come off the left door, stand in front of them and hit them repeatedly with , you have to get a long enough combo to get 5 bars in the upper left of the screen, when you get all 5 bars press + five times to consume all of them and get the achievement.

  • Clear any stage with a hit ratio 100:1(land 100 attacks for every hit you take) or higher .

    Best to do it on stage 1 in co-op on easy, take care of the casual enemies while your partner prevents you from getting hit in the back, you can only get hit once so attack the enemies carefully. Let your partner take care of the harder enemy at the end of the stage. If you don't have a partner use your power and special attacks the best you see fit and be sure to get a spare special attack for the final enemy.

  • Clear a stage with no health points left.

    You might get this naturally when completing Story mode, if you still don't have it when it's done replay level 1 on easy and let the final enemy hit you until you have no health left, beat him to complete the stage and get the achievement.

  • Defeat 150 enemies in survival mode.

    You want to do this in co-op, even if you don't have a partner it's still better for you to control 2 characters by yourself than doing it in single player. Use Jimmy and Jeff, as they are the strongest characters. Pick the Hideout map, it's wider and the visibility is better. Hit enemies with :Xbut: at all times as kicks are too slow, use your special attacks ( + ) only when you're in trouble and don't be afraid to overuse your power attacks ( + ) as soon as you can use one, in fact you should keep pressed down at all times. Always have a special attack ready especially for level 10 and onwards where the bosses starts to show up. If you got a decent partner you will get this without too much trouble but doing this all by yourself will be very tricky.

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