50 Stamps Achievement

  • 50 Stamps



    Play for a total of 50 days.

  • I would imagine that you could set your xbox clock in the dashboard a day ahead, play an exercise, then repeat fifty times.......
  • i might try that
  • When you think about it, it's actually LESS effort to just do this legit. You wont have to deal with adjusting your clock; just wake up, play an exercise(takes 2 minutes), and repeat the next day (or dont - miss days,weeks, or even months if you want)
  • Well the whole idea of the game is to do it every day to increase your brain power, not just cheat and adjust the clock. That just fuckin sad even by achievement whore standards.
  • @4 Ok you spend 50 days on it try not to get bored out of your mind..
  • The idea of this achievement and for the Play 10 days consecutively achievement is so you do stick to playing the game and do it properly.
  • Easy.

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