Master Craftsman Achievement

  • Master Craftsman



    Crafted all of the items from a single crafting tree.


    This is missable. Find all available recipes for one of the three crafting trees (Potions, Runes and Poisons and Bombs). You must then craft each item in that tree for the achievement to unlock. It is easiest to find the recipes for the Potions tree as there are only 6 required recipes. Conversely, there are 9 poison and bomb recipes and 20 rune recipes. I have listed the recipe locations for the Potion tree. This is missable as certain recipes are only available during certain Acts. Note: The recipe in the Black Emporium is not necessary for the achievement.


    • Elixir of Purity: Not required for the achievement

    ACT I

    • Elfroot Potion: Given to you by Lady Elegant upon venturing into the Lowtown for the first time.
    • Restoration Potion: You must complete the Formari Herbalist Gift Shop Quest in Act I and buy this from the shop.

    ACT II

    • Life Ward Potion: You must complete the second Formari Herbalist Gift Shop Quest in Act II and buy this from the shop.
    • Mighty Offense Potion: This recipe can be found in Sundermount. From the entrance, head past the Dalish camp and take the right path at the fork up the mountain. Go through the cave and take the Mountain Graveyard Exit. When you get back outside, go to the right and you will find the recipe in a bone pile.
    • Rock Armor Potion: Can be found in Lowtown during the night only. Go to Gamlen's House and this can be found in a rubble pile to the left.
    • Elixir of Heroism: During the Demanding the Qun quest, as you are fighting your way through Hightown, you will come to an area with a lady in a green dress standing over a body dressed in purplish clothing. If you look to your right, you will see a loot-able corpse. The recipe can be found on this body. Note: This recipe requires Ambrosia which can only be obtained in Isabela's Act III companion quest if you didn't turn her over to the Arishok.
  • Can someone tell me what it means by a crafting tree? it confuses me
  • I would like to know as well. I thought it might be like origins where you make something but i can't seem to find anything like that so what are we suppose to do?
  • You find crafting merchants around town. There are three types runes/potions/poisons. Once you have crafted one item of a type you can make more from your home. Still costs money though.
  • I guess the next question is does anyone have a list (preferably with locations) of all recipes for each tree?
  • i got the signature edition so i went to black emporium, sold all of my gear to afford some of the reagents they sell, still fell 3 short.. shattered. so i gave up .. for now.
  • I agree #4 ive made every recipe i have and nothing, if you see a list of recipes let me know
  • Has anyone gotten this achievement yet? I can't seem to get it and I'm trying everything I can
  • In Forums for DA2 on this site.. they're is a very detailed thread including maps, check it out
  • THANK YOU!!! that is what ive been looking for. i appreciate it kohrin
  • I suggest that everyone who wants the crafting and supplier achievement to go to the forums as Kohrin suggested and look at the achievement guide and roadmap. Many of the items that you need to get for these achievements are ACT SPECIFIC. Meaning that if you don't get something in act I and move on to act II then you're screwed. You won't be able to get the items you missed and will have to either reload or do another playthrough. History of the Chantry and Archeologist achievements are the same thing.
  • Can someone just post a link to said forum? I can't seem to find the thread you're talking about.
  • sorry about that. That is the url, but u can't click on it. It was more of a test to see if it works...... it doesn't
  • I'm not sure if you can post a link here in this particular area. I'm new to the site. Finding the thread is easy though. Go up to almost the top of the page and click on forums (the one in the green bar, not the one at the very top next to the search window. It will be in the thread list "Achievement guide and roadmap" by FSparacino4
  • I was reading a guide which said try to go for the potion tree for this one. Only if you have the black emporium though.
  • The potion tree is the easiest. If you can go that route. You get the achievement at the end of act2 if you do.
  • I agree with Number 16. Go with the potion tree.
  • im having trouble with the life warding potion you get from the formari shop in act 2 i completed the herbalists task but can not buy it from his shop any ideas?
  • if i dont keep isabel in act 2 can i get this achievement with he potions
  • Potion tree is the easiest
  • Does anyone have a list of the poison tree? or is that on the afore mentioned thread?
  • @19 According to the guide mentioned above, you have to keep Isabela and do her companion quest in Act 3 to get one of the ingredients.
  • so these are the potions and locations this is the easiest way to go Elixir of Purity: You can get in the Black Emporium. (2 Elfroot) Potion in Dragon age 2 ACT I Elfroot Potion: Lady Elegant will give to you upon venturing into the Lowtown for the first time. (1 Elfroot) Restoration Potion: Reward for completing the first Herbalist Gift Shop Quest in Act I. (3 Elfroot, 1 Spindleweed) Potion in Dragon age 2 ACT II Life Ward Potion: Reward for completing the second Herbalist Gift Shop Quest in Act II. (2 Elfroot, 2 Spindleweed) Mighty Offense Potion: This recipe is in Sundermount. From the entrance, head past the Dalish camp and turn right at the fork up the mountain. Then Go through the cave and take the Mountain Graveyard Exit. When you get back outside, take
  • Rock Armor Potion: Found in Lowtown in rubble pile to the left of Gamlens house at night. (1 Elfroot, 1 Spindleweed, 1 Embrium) Elixir of Heroism: On a corpse opposite from the woman in green in Hightown, Before entering the Market Area / Viscount's Way (Demand of the Qun). (1 Elfroot, 1 Spindleweed, 1 Embrium, 1 Ambrosia)
  • Another broken achievement ....
  • got this achievement randomly in act 3 was always forgetting the one potion that lvls you and your members up.
  • I made everything under every skill tree ad it never unlocked >.>
  • I played through the game the first time without help then decided to go for achievements in my second run. Of course Isabella was easy to get in my group the first time and impossible on my second run!
  • Post number 4....
  • Fun Achievement to get
  • potion is the easiest
  • Stupid missing a rune from torpor, a potion ingredient because isabella left forever and you need 2 feladarises to do the poison/grenade tree. Ugh.
  • Yeah i missed one and cant find it
  • Someone has most likely said this, but a Crafting Tree is simply the three types or recipes. Rune, Poison, Potion. You need to find all the recipes for one of those, and then craft them, from that one tree.
  • Don't know if it's a glitch or not but i just accepted the Formari Herbalists second mission, and the recipe was already in stock. it happened again with the first one too. Don't know if anyone else hit this or not
  • I have.
  • So far the best guide I've been able to find...I know it's been ages since the game got released, but i started achievement hunting lately, so yeah ))
  • I finished the quest in act 1 for the formari herbalist but did not receive the restoration recipe. I can buy it from him - is this good enough or am I buggered?
  • I've made ALL the quests in Act I and I'm about to go for Deep Roads but Formari Herbalist didn't have the Restoration Potion Recipe. Any help here?

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