Mogul Achievement

  • Mogul



    Had 100 or more sovereigns in your purse.

    Sovereign is another name for gold. If you are doing all of the secondary quests and fully exploring you will be able to obtain this before giving the money to fund the Deep Roads Expedition. The money and experience glitch found under the "Legendary" achievement description can also be done here. It can just as easily be saved until later in the game when you get better equipment to sell.

  • should be a fairly easy one, especially later on in the game, where you can just save your game, sell everything, get the achievemnt and then load the game, easy 25g
  • ^ well said lol
  • Ya, the potion making tricks in the first game might not be able to be duplicated in this one though. (If you make the potent mana potion with all of the cheap infinite stock you made money selling them to vendors).
  • Not sure if anyone has mention it yet, but the infinite money glitch from the first game still works too. (Press Y and A to sell all junk and you sell the item twice).
  • Double sell ftw
  • Just pick up everything than sell all the useless crap.
  • orly
  • or you can do the xp/money glitch (draw your weapon before talking to the person to end a quest ((only when talking to them does not trigger a cut scene)) and tap a repreatedly to get the quest reward until you are satisfied). A low level quest has about 250 exp and 50 silver as a reward, that should get the achievement in no time.
  • Just sell all the crap you don't need and do a bunch of sidequests. Money flows in pretty fast.
  • True it's a really achievement. Sell all your crap:)
  • very easy ! HAHA !
  • what i did was do every quest up until the deep roads part and i had about nearly 89 gold and i payed for the expedition and after your done just wait till you get 50 more from the riches, or take the business deal before you do it and you should get it still
  • How do I get easy money??
  • Easy my ass, I've been selling junk and still haven't come anywhere near close 100 Sovereigns.
  • It's hard early on, but later on it part 3, it becomes ridiculously easy, i found i was piling up the money! I stashed most of my stuff and sold it later on, it meant i could resist the temptation of spending it lol.
  • just let Dougal pay for the Deep Roads, and when you get back you should have around 100 sovereigns.
  • Don't spend your money on weapons, potions, etc. in the first act. You'll get decent weapons from bosses and treasure chests. Make sure you accept all the side quests and sell your excess equipment and junk often so you don't run out of room. Avoid giving Bartrand the money until you've finished EVERYTHING else and the achievement should pop in the first act (before Deeproads).
  • Seems pretty easy
  • sell all your parties items and then reload after you get the achievement
  • you can get this right in the first act by doing all the sidequests.
  • Super easy you get your 50 sov back from the exploration when you *spoiler* and return to the Hightown by then you should have easily collected 50 sov through the trips and prior quests
  • Easy if you never buy anything. You can easily upgrade through found items.

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