Crowning Glory Achievement

  • Crowning Glory



    Became the viscount of Kirkwall.

    Note: Do any secondary quests, companion quests or any other unfinished business in ACT III before starting "The Last Straw" as there is no turning back after getting into it. I would also recommend saving the game before doing this as well, so you can reload your save if you miss any achievements.

    During "The Last Straw" quest at the end of Act III, you will find Orsino and Meredith in a heated debate. When given the option to choose sides while in Lowtown, you must side with the Templars. This achievement will unlock after completing this quest.

  • I love becoming a viscount
  • I love viscount biscuits ^^
  • i guess this is some kind of king or leader? hopefully there will be some decisions you have to make which shape the world like in fable 3
  • a viscount is a member of the European nobility whose comital title ranks usually, as in the British peerage, above a baron, below an earl (in Britain) or a count (the earl's continental equivalent). TBH sounds story related
  • Not story related.
  • it is story related. But missable.
  • Sorry I always think of "story related" as the non-missable stuff that must be done to get the end credits.
  • you have to side with the templars in the last quest of Act 3, so the final quest in the game.
  • ^ That's probably why I didn't become Viscount.
  • What Happens If u Dont Side With The Mage's or Templars?? i beat the game siding with the mages
  • It forces you to choose a side. You must side with the Templars to get the achievement.
  • oh i need to start a new playthrouth thanks
  • In order to get this achievement, you must side with the templars /at the end/. You don't need to side with them fully throughout the story. Spoiler: When Meredith tells you hey, pick me or Orsino's side at the quest The Last Straw, just pick Meredith's. You will then become viscount at the end of the game once you kill her and reach the last cutscenes.
  • I thought it would be pretty obvious when you break up the argument between Orisno and Meredith...she says you're not becoming Viscount without my approval (of course you had to choose the dialogue option that relatively said make me viscount).
  • I really want to get 100% in this game but i dont want to side with the templars at the end. this is going to be very hard for me to do.
  • so either way you kill meredith?
  • Meredith and Orsino fight you no matter which side you choose. Its most likely so the writers don't have to alter the dialoge relating to the origins of the Mage/Templar war when they release Dragon Age 3
  • All these people that are complaining about having to start a new game just to side with the Templars for this achievement...just save it near the end of the game before you have the last conversation and then pick the viscount side, complete it and load your save game and finish the other side...or vice versa. LOL!
  • You basically have to do two play throughs to 100% this game anyway. I'm not sure if it's possible to get Arcane Defender and Mage Humter in the same play through.
  • @#19 I highly doubt it since it doesn't even pop up until around the end of act 2 or beginning of 3...don't really remember.
  • I found that the easiest thing to do is create multiple saves at all or many crucial choices and achievement crossroads so all you have to do is load the save closest to the point at which you get the required achievement then just reload a save once you have the achievement. Simple idea but hope it was helpful. :P
  • @19 it is possible to get both in one playthrough. go to the Arcane Defender post and check it out there is a way
  • do I need to complete all of the Rumors (Act Of Mercy) too???? because i think its a bug i got here!
  • I killed the varishok, then sided with the to the end and just sauntered out of the becoming viscount :S do you HAVE to side with the templars? I did have the forethought (having played bioware games before) to save before major decisions so I'll crack on with killin orsino and meredith again lol any idea when Dragon age 3 or DLC for 2 is coming out?
  • @24 You have to side with the Meredith at the end. I just did it yesterday. I sided with Meredith only because I hadn't checked how to get the Mage Hunter achieve and I was hoping if I sided with the templars a few times throughout the game it would pop. It didn't, but after siding with Meredith at the end I got the Crowning Glory, which was a nice surprise.
  • This actuallysucks, i kinda feel bad for the mage here, im on the point of siding with meredith, stupid ach:( im sorr mages, need the ach
  • No wonder I have such a hard time getting this achievement, u have to side with the damned Templars, I hate the knight-commander, she's a stupid nug-humping dirt farmer lol I luv mages
  • I just finished my first playthrough, and I had sided with the Mages most of the game but when [particular person] blows up [particular thing] toward the end... I suddenly felt like perhaps they do wield a bit too much power. And [particular person] was my romantic partner too, made it even tougher to [punish particular person].
  • This should have stated missable in the description.
  • no you dont i sided with nobody and i still got it
  • Stupid achievements...making me betray the mages for 25g... I can be bought and that's my price.
  • Glad I read this before starting the last quest. Making two saves here I go!

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