A Friend in Need Achievement

  • A Friend in Need



    Upgraded the armor of one of your party members.


    The easiest and earliest way to accomplish this is during the "Birthright" companion quest that you are able to do with either Bethany or Carver. In order to start this quest, you must speak to your mother and then surviving sibling in Gamlen's Home after the "A New Home" main plot quest. When you arrive at your ancestral mansion, you will find the Fereldan Girded Painting (Carver) or the Heirloom Amell Protective Sigil (Bethany) and upon picking it up you will get this.

  • Looks like this is Companion Quest related. Never did anything, but after a cut scene the achievement popped
  • During play there will be items that you pickup or are awarded that give you the upgrades. From what I could remember the icons are armor in green with gold coloring. But I believe yo uare correct in that the first you find is awarded during a quest, not just found laying around.
  • I found it at the armor stand in lowtown by the hanged man. hope that helps.
  • I got this after finishing the Ancestral Home quest with Bethany. As soon as you complete the objective the achievement pops. Def. quest related.
  • @4, I noticed this too, achievo popped after quest... there is also a portrait in the home to give Bethany for the gift achievo.
  • You can find the upgrades and it randomly goes to the person its for. One is in lowtown and I think its for Aveline.
  • Sometimes enemys got blue prints for upgrades armor but also merchants got this upgrades to buy really easy achievement:)
  • I wish they would let you dress your companions armor like in origins
  • Still can not get this to pop up is there a certain task
  • Completed birthright, collected Beths upgrade no achiecement popped, I did read somewhere can't complete this achievement using either Of these two characters. Caver dies at the very begginging do not sure if you meant need both of them still. Tried Averline first run through didn't get the act 2, raiders on cliff piece ... ????

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