Enchanter Achievement

  • Enchanter



    Enchanted an item.

    Runes are separated into two categories: weapon runes and armor runes. Your first opportunity to begin crafting runes comes when you meet a vendor upon your arrival to Kirkwall. These runes will require particular ingredients in order to be crafted. Once you have the rune in your possession, you must find an Enchanter! (See what I did there?) The enchanter can be found in Hightown during Act I, the Deep Roads during the Expedition and your estate from Act II onward.

  • Enchantment? Enchantment!
  • Ahh! I hope they don't make this really dumb. It seems that games that get too into weapon upgrades through enchantments or augmentations tend to put too much detail into the process and it makes it more of a hassle than a benefit.
  • Enchantment? Enchantment! ENCHANTMENT!!!!!
  • The biggest difference here is the enchantment(at least armor) is permanent... so beware! I use to swap enchantments in DAO all around, here...oops!
  • Really easy achievement. Enchantment:)
  • @4 Thanks for the tip! I'll have to be more careful...
  • Sandal is probably my favorite character in this game XD
  • This looks cool

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