Delver of the Deep Achievement

  • Delver of the Deep



    Explored the Deep Roads.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

  • No! Not the Deep Roads! They were the worst part of Origins. Is any one else in agreement!?
  • Personally the fade part with the demon was the most annoying thing in DA:O, Deep Roads was definitely the creepiest part though.
  • yeah I was not a fan of the deep roads, throughout all my play-throughs i always did this one first just to get it out of the way (after a few side quests to level up, of course).
  • Sandals back...yay
  • is it so bad? im not there yet ;D
  • Deep roads wasnt bad at all pretty short
  • Hurlock, hurlock, hurlock...dragon...abrupt change in enemy difficulty and then it's done. Pretty short, can't even get lost if you tried.
  • Wish there was more to do with the deep roads :( i miss exploring that kind of environment.

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