Birthright Achievement

  • Birthright



    Kicked the slavers out of your ancestral mansion.

    This is missable. After completing the main story quest "A New Home", you must talk to your mother in Gamlen’s House and then speak with your brother or sister to begin the companion quest, "Birthright". Travel to your old estate in Darktown and fight your way to the Vault. Once inside, loot the chests and you will find your grandfather's will to unlock the achievement. See the descriptions for "Gift Giver" and "A Friend in Need" for how to unlock them all during this quest!

    Note: You must complete this quest before leaving for the Deep Roads or you will have to do it on another playthrough.

  • Hopefully you will be able to customize your home with furniture and themes.
  • Just get the will for your mother and turn it in.; then this pops.
  • R u sure? I didnt get it
  • if any one has had trouble on this mission as I did there is a couple things that can be done, first; if you haven't already continued onto other missions, GOOD! if you have Fenris (an elf slave on a war path to kill his slaver) get rid of him, change your party members an take fenris out. If you have him in your party he will consume the soul of the slaver that holds the key an his body will disappear, thus losing the treasure of which the key is in, not allowing you to complete the mission forever. SO! if you haven't done this mission where you get Fenris good! you have nothing too worry about, but if you have him an you can not complete the mission just reload your game to a later save point (there are a few auto saves to choose from other then the ones you saved on your own) get fenris

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