Specialized Achievement

  • Specialized



    Learned two class specializations.

    Specializations grant you access to additional talent trees that you are able to spend your talent points on. You will earn class specializations at levels 7 and 14. There are a total of 3 specializations for each class and they unlock their own special abilities. Unlike in Dragon Age: Origins, there are no specializations for your companion characters. Also, you do not need to learn these specializations from specific sources as they are simply given to you. In order for the achievement to unlock, you will need to place at least one talent point into two of these specializations.

  • First one is level 7 Second one is level 14 So expect it around ACT II
  • You get to choose one specialization when you reach level 7 and another when you reach 14 You choose them in the level up screens.
  • I chose 2 specializations, but only completed one. Do I have to have both specializations complete to get this one?

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